Traumatising Movie ‘Worse Than The Human Centipede’ Was Actually Inspired By True Events


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It turns out that Tusk, a 2014 horror comedy about a man who underwent surgery to become a terrifying human-walrus hybrid, was really based on a genuine story. The film has amassed a devoted cult audience for almost ten years.

Thankfully, the premise of Kevin Smith’s film isn’t exactly true; no one was truly transformed into a walrus by an eccentric serial murderer, but it’s also not completely made up.

There are no rewards for guessing what happens next as the movie centres on podcaster Wallace (Justin Long), who travels to see a recluse without realising that he has a pathological obsession with walruses.

Serial killer Howard Howe drugged Wallace and cruelly turned him into the tusked beast.

It appears that the movie was originally motivated by a hoax web advertising created by Brighton writer Chris Parkinson.

According to the advertisement, the renter of the room must occasionally dress up as and behave like a walrus and live in his home rent-free.

Smith received a staggering 400 responses from people prepared to go walrus to live rent-free, which caught his interest. Despite the fact that he wasn’t expecting to hear anything and quickly forgot his joke, this caught Smith’s attention.

The advertisement and the responses to it, rather than the marine mammal known as the Frankenstein’s Monster, are the’real events’ that are being discussed.

Parkinson admitted that he had never really intended to transform a person into a walrus.

Tusk, however, follows the tale of a Los Angeles podcaster named Wallace and his co-host Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), who make viral videos to make fun of unlucky people.

Wallace must travel to the fringes of Manitoba, Canada, for an interview with a boy who accidentally severed his own limb, but he’s already passed away by suicide because of the ridicule.

As karma would have it, he discovers a flier left by an elderly guy who would be the ideal subject for a podcast, but the flyer does not refer to a walrus and is not intended as a joke; rather, it is a lure for serial killer Howe (Michael Parks).

Howe, a retired seaman, murdered and consumed a walrus to save his own life.

He disfigures victims and surgically turns them into the human walrus, which he names Mr. Tusk, before acting out giving his saviour a chance to live.

The nauseating film has been compared to The Human Centipede and includes scenes of cruel bodily changes to fulfil a surgeon’s insane fantasy in addition to some horrifying medical experiments.

After seeing the movie, many were “literally traumatised.”

Heidi Wong, a TikToker, used the site to discuss the film.

Creating a series of videos in response to Tusk, she said: “Out of all the horror movies that I’ve seen, this one gets to me the most.

“This movie was worse than The Human Centipede to me.”

In one video dwelling on the ending (turn away now for spoilers), she said: “Me watching a guy who was forced to be surgically turned into a walrus finally escape, only for his friends to put him in a zoo to live the rest of his life as an actual walrus.”

Commenters said they couldn’t look at the animal in the same way anymore, with one writing: “After knowing about this movie and seeing clips I can never see walruses the same anymore.”

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The films in question are Hostel and Hostel II.

For those of you who haven’t watched the spine-tingling horror that debuted in theatres back in 2005, here is a brief plot summary.

It reads: “American best friends Josh and Pax, staying at hostels along the way, decide to backpack through Europe following college graduation to indulge in all their hedonistic fantasies in part to help Josh recover from the heartache of a breakup.

“There, they initially find that the stories are nothing compared to their actual experiences, far exceeding their expectations.

“However, those fantasies quickly turn to nightmares as they end up separated by design, their new hell from which they may never be able to escape.”

The horror movie, which received harsh criticism from critics for its excessive use of gore, was made by renowned director Eli Roth, whose other works include The Green Inferno (2013) and 2001 Maniacs (2005).

The movie maintains a dark tone throughout, with its disturbing ideas being almost as ominous as the character’s chances of escaping, despite the nail-biting “torture p***” element.

In fact, the film’s original finale had to be completely removed because audiences were so outraged by Paxton abducting the daughter of his tormentor.

Although it had its gore toned down, the horror film nonetheless left viewers “traumatised,” and several nations put it on their backlists because of its violent content.

Because of how graphic the Eli Roth original was, it was banned in Ukraine.

Hostel also enraged Slovak and Czech viewers because of how Eastern Europe was portrayed in the film.

The amount of criticism stemmed from the film’s portrayal of the country as impoverished and violent, and a representative of the Slovak culture ministry, Linda Heldichova, even spoke out and claimed that it “damaged” the country’s image at the time.

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