Arachnophobia Is Getting A Remake, And It Has Some Major Horror Talent Behind It


Do you dread spiders? Do you ever feel as though there is something crawling on your leg, but you are afraid to investigate? After watching the Jeff Daniels-starring horror-comedy film Arachnobobia, I’m sure moviegoers in the 1990s experienced that dread. Prepare to be terrified by spooky arthropods once more because Arachnobobia is getting a remake, and well-known horror actors will be working on it.

This underappreciated ’90s classic is about a family doctor, played by Jeff Daniels, whose property becomes the breeding ground for a dangerous and aggressive spider species that invades a tiny California town. Christopher Landon from Happy Death Day is apparently not frightened of spiders because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he has chosen to take on directing this future movie. That implies we can anticipate a few surprises along the way to keep us entertained.

James Wan and Michael Clear, who have collaborated on popular horror films like Malignant, are the producers of this remake. Frank Marshall, one of the founding members of Amblin Entertainment and executive producer of Jurassic World, is another well-known talent returning after making his feature film debut with Arachnophobia in 1990. With this much skill in the horror genre, Arachnophobia has a good chance of keeping people frightened.