The Story That Inspired The Conjuring


The true story of “The Conjuring”

In the 1970s, the Perron family lived on a farm in Harrisville, Rhode Island where they would experience the most frightening years of their lives.

From the time they arrived the family witnessed the paranormal manifestations that occurred in the lonely, cursed house and these would never stop, not even after leaving.

The demonstrations usually took place at night, and always began with an incredibly loud knock at their door, waking up all the family members. One could feel a blue fog spreading through the house.

The farm was so old that many people have died there. Although most of them were good spirits, there was an evil and vengeful spirit called Bathsheba Sherman, a witch who sacrificed her first son as an offering to Satan. After the sacrifice, the woman was cursed, and her other 3 children died when they were 4 years old. The legend says that Bathsheba cursed the house before she died, it is said that she took her own life, hanging herself.

The Perron family went to Edward and Lorraine Warren looking for help, they were the ones who determined that the most violent spirit in the house was the Bathsheba witch, because Carolyn Perron (the mother) was attacked by a woman with a broken neck whose face could not be distinguished. Mrs. Perron had some marks on her as if she was stung by a needle, and with a needle is how Bathsheba killed her son.


The Perron family was able to get rid of Bathsheba after Carolyn, who was the main victim of Bathsheba’s anger, was subjected to an exorcism, as it was said that the witch’s spirit envied Carolyn and wanted to stay with her husband and daughters.

Nowadays the house is still haunted. The families that have lived in the house, never stay too long since they assure that the house scares you. Even a worker that was remodeling the house, ran away leaving all his work equipment in the house and never felt like coming back to get his things.