The Story Of The Demon Valak In The Nun


True story of the demon from “The Nun”

Although most of us know that the nun did not exist in the Enfield case (the true story of “The Conjuring 2”) it doesn’t mean that this demon is not real. This evil entity does exist, its name is Valak and it is not specifically dressed as a nun.

Valak is the great president of hell, he has 30 legions of demons under his command and his appearance is that of an innocent child with the wings of an angel, riding a two-headed dragon.

Valak gives you accurate answers about the hidden treasures, tells you where you can find the snakes and forces them to obey you, he is not selfish with his powers so he can share his strength in abundance with you if you wish. Many sorcerers and fortune-seekers call upon him, and though it sounds tempting, the price you will have to pay could corrupt your soul.


Valak seeks to desecrate noble spirits of the church, such as nuns or altar boys.