People Left Sickened After Learning How Vegan Sausages Are Made


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past ten years is the rise of plant-based diets.

Many food companies, eateries, and coffee shops have joined this movement by adding a wide variety of vegan choices on their menus.

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However, a recent episode of Supermarkets Unwrapped: The Vegan Aisle, which examines the actual production methods used to create a variety of veggie products, have left viewers feeling disgusted.

In the Channel 4 documentary, TV host and doctor Helen Lawal visits Tesco to learn more about the growing popularity of vegan burgers, while her colleague Kate Quilton sets out to learn more about the complex process of oat milking.

John Whaite visits a sausage factory to see how vegan sausages are made, and Briony May Williams learned how to make an eggless quiche in the meantime.

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Viewers gradually grow increasingly suspicious of how these particular products are created as they continue to watch.

As they watch, viewers eventually develop a growing scepticism about how these specific things are made.

John visits Heck Foods in Yorkshire and has the chance to speak with Callum Smith, who is in charge of managing the manufacture of more than 600 sausages daily.

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Adding to the relevance of the sausage casing, Callum explains that it gives the meat a satisfying “snap.”

He explains: “We utilise a textured vegetable protein and have developed specific flavours to emulate the taste of traditional pork sausages.

“We introduce the meat-free sausage mix and a gel into this small apparatus simultaneously. The gel we use is made from alginate, derived from seaweed.”

Since the show’s debut, numerous viewers have criticised it, expressing their disgust.

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One person writes: “Urgh… I rarely watch live TV but watching Supermarkets Unwrapped and feeling sick watching the food being made.”

Another says: “This Channel 4 programme really shows some disgusting concoctions in the making of vegan food.”

A third viewer adds: “If you want to be vegan, eat actual plants, not this synthetic s***.”