Disturbing Movie That ‘Everyone Should See’ Is Leaving Viewers Genuinely Traumatised


A terrible film that left viewers with real distress is being recommended for “everyone” to watch.

Social media is being used by movie fans to discuss the best films and TV shows that everyone should watch.

Watch Requiem For A Dream Trailer below

Big Boys Don’t Cry on Netflix has recently received plaudits, with viewers describing it as “heartbreaking.”

I Came By, which has even garnered praise from best-selling novelist Stephen King, has been enjoyed by others.

A different movie, nevertheless, has recently sparked conversation because of its unsettling narrative.

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Credit: Summit Entertainment

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The movie received positive reviews, and IMDb listed it among the top 100 movies of all time.

While in his evaluation, critic Eugene Novikov stated: “Never have we been taken this close to the edge and never have the characters teetering over it elicited so much sympathy. 

“Requiem is difficult to watch but it richly rewards those who stay with it.” 

One of Aronofsky’s earliest productions was Requiem for a Dream, and since then, he has established a reputation as a filmmaker of dark, sombre films like Black Swan and Mother!

With the release of his most recent movie, The Whale, starring Brendan Fraser as a 600-pound dad attempting to make amends with his teenage daughter, he is once again in the spotlight.

It has attracted a lot of Oscar excitement since making its debut at film festivals earlier this year, with calls for both the actor and filmmaker to win the coveted gold trophy during award season.

On Google Play, Apple TV, Sky Store, and Amazon Prime, Requiem for a Dream can be bought or rented.