The Inspiration Behind The Netflix Horror Movie Veronica


Vallecas Case
The true story of “Veronica”

This chilling story takes place in the early nineties in Madrid, starting with a group of girls playing Ouija at school, after one of them wanted to contact her boyfriend who had recently died in a motorcycle accident, they were suddenly surprised by the teacher. Their teacher approached them and outrageously broke the board without giving the teenagers a chance to say goodbye to the spirit.

At that moment, the glass they were using as a prompter broke inexplicably and a mysterious smoke was released, which was inhaled by the young Estefania Gutiérrez. From that moment on her life was about to fall apart…

From being a healthy and cheerful young woman, she was suddenly affected by constant epileptic seizures, the hospitals could not find what generated these convulsions since all the studies showed that she did not have any problem.


However, the condition she suffered was not medical, but spiritual. Beings from hell were after her soul and she knew it, she saw them every night around her bed, they were faceless men, they called her by her name and told her: “Come with us”

On one tragic night Estefania was suffering a stroke and she lost the battle against the devil, dying suddenly and suspiciously after falling into a coma, according to the coroner.

The dark forces were so powerful that they had gone after Estefania even after her death and those forces stayed in her home, to torment Estefania’s remaining family members.

In the early hours of the morning they could hear the ghostly laments of Estefania, who was asking her mother Concepción for help, along with a few laughs from an old man rumbled through the house. It was Estefania’s dead grandfather, who had promised to torment them after his death.

In one of the paranormal episodes, a male silhouette with a smooth black face crawled through her sisters’ room, throwing her dolls at the wall, as she tried to reach them.

A black shadow was watching each member of the family from the corridor. It had so much anger towards the family that it even burned a portrait of Estefania.

Terrified and fearful of suffering the same fate as Estefania, the family went to the police, who arrived at the house to help them but what was about to happen would shock the officers.

While they were investigating, the doors of a closet were opening and closing in an abrupt and unnatural way without stopping. There were loud noises on the terrace without anyone being there, a brown stain appeared from nowhere on a tablecloth, they observed a crucifix being separated from its cross, and the base where the cross was resting was unexpectedly filled with scratches.

This case attracted so much attention from the media that professionals of the unknown came to help the family.

For months the family literally went through hell, even Estefania’s mother tried to take her own life, but fortunately she survived to see her other daughters grow up. After these tragic incidents with the support of parapsychologists, the paranormal manifestations ceased, and the family was able to live a relatively normal life again.