The Story That Really Inspired The Conjuring 2


The Enfield Poltergeist
The True Story of The Conjuring 2

Paranormal phenomena began to manifest in August 1977 in Enfield, England, but the origin of these apparitions takes us a year back, when two girls opened the portal that allowed inhuman entities into their home, as one can imagine these girls had played with the Ouija board.

They had no sinister intentions while using it, it was out of boredom, they saw the Ouija board as a harmless board game.

Unfortunately for them, England is a place with a lot of paranormal activity. As a result, the girls made contact with a demon spirit, which after one week, practically took over the house, but that’s not the worst thing, but this demon didn’t come alone… six more spirits broke into the house.

Blows, scratches, footsteps and other types of manifestations. As the entities gained strength, objects began to move, family members levitated (especially the girls), and various dark figures manifested and floated around the house at night.


The mother said her daughter levitated up and down like a “yo-yo” and no one could help her. The girls often had episodes of possession. It seemed like the spirit of an old woman got into them, a spirit that had a superhuman and very dangerous strength, since in that state most of the time, the possessed girls tried to kill the mother with their own hands.

The spirits were very noisy, the voices of those 6 different entities were always heard in very high tones. It was as if there were more invisible people in the room, It didn’t matter if the family was eating in the kitchen or talking in the living room, the voices always spoke in the room; they could be heard even more loudly than the people in the house.

As for communication with the spirits, that was not a problem; they were always willing to talk. One of the many investigators in this case was Edward Warren, may he rest in peace, he had some conversations with some of the spirits.

Here I provide you with one of the most frightening conversations.

Ed: Hello?
Voice: Hello
Ed: do you know who I am?
V: yes
Ed: Who am I?
V: Ed.
Ed: You’re right, who are you?
V: Fred-die
Ed: You’re Freddie, huh? What’s your real name?
V: Yecccccch… (noise)
Ed: When are you going to leave here, Fred?
V: 500 years.
Ed: It’s a long time, can you move something to show us you’re here?
V: No.
Ed: Why not?
V: Tommy pulled my gun.
Ed: Oh, there’s two of you? Put Tommy on.
V: (A new voice, although he still snores) yes, it’s Tommy.
Ed: Tommy, how do you think we can get out of all the trouble that goes on in this house?
V: Kill the ghosts!
Ed: Kill the ghosts? Aren’t you a ghost?
V: No
Ed: Tell me, how did you get into this house?
V: I came under the floorboards.
Ed: How many of you are there together?
V: Ah… uh… one… two… three… four… five… six. Six are here– no, five.
Ed: What are their names?
V: Fred-die, Tom-mie, Billy, uh… Charlie, and Dick. John’s not here.
Ed: Where’s John?
V: I don’t know.
Ed: Who’s the leader? Is that you?
V: Nobody, nobody’s the leader. I’m a liar.
Ed: Who else is here? Is there anyone else?
V: Yes.
Ed: Who?
V: The man in the sewer.
Ed: Get the man in the sewer here. Let me talk to him. Are you the man in the sewer?
V: Yes (a different hoarse voice, but a little clearer)
Ed: Sewer man, what do you have to say?
V: (HOWLS) This house is haunted, kill the ghosts!
Ed: Sewer man, were you ever alive?
V: Yeah.
Ed: Where?
V: With the soldiers. I’m a soldier.
Ed: What army were you in?
V: All of them. I’m a soldier.
Ed: Who else is there?
V: ah… uh… Zachary’s here.
Ed: Put him on. Let Zachary talk.
V: (Suddenly there’s an incredible moaning and groaning. The voice is absolutely bizarre. The moaning ends in a prolonged cry for “help” that takes 10 seconds to go away).
Ed: Holy cow: What was that? Put Zachary back on.
V: (Complains).
Ed: Who else is there, Fred?
V: I’m not Fred, I’m Tommy.
V: He’s not coming, (pause) I’ll tell you who else is here.
V. Teedy’s here. Teddy man is here.
Ed: Put Teedy man here, Fred.
V: Yeccccch … (Noise then silence, broken every 5 seconds by a voice like a parrot saying “Hello”. A second voice appears saying “Hello” to which the parrot voice answered twice “Hello”. A third voice joined the “Hello”, and then a fourth voice; then the fifth and sixth voices joined the chorus of the “Hello” with a voice similar to that of the parrot. In the end all the voices disappeared, except one, the original parrot voice repeated its singular “hello”)

Ed tried to communicate again after the event, but there was no immediate response.

During the previous conversation with the spirits, Edward described that things were flying around the room, hence the noise of all the banging and crashing in the background (He was recording the interview). Chairs and tables were levitating and falling, a knife went straight into an assistant’s computer, the whole house was a mess.

In the end it is not known exactly what happened, or rather there are many versions of what happened, how was the case solved? Some people say that it was an act from the girls (but for the paranormal researchers and those who witnessed this case this theory is impossible), it is also said that it was a Dutch medium who put an end to the manifestations in an astral intervention, and others say that the Warrens put an end to these paranormal events.

Family photo of the Enfield case