The Story Behind The Horrific Mass Suicide In Jonestown That Inspired The Movie ‘The Veil’


The mass suicide in Jonestown
The true story of the film: “The Veil”

In 1977, in search of a socialist paradise, Jim Jones, preacher and founder of his own church: “People’s Temple”, decided to emigrate with his almost 900 followers from the United States to Guyana in South America, where in an English colony, they built their new home called: Jonestown.

To tell the truth, for the leader and his faithful idolaters things were going very well, because it was a place where racial and economic equity prevailed; farms were created to produce their own food, and the things they weren’t able to produce, they would trade with other communities in the country.


But the paradise found, then turned into hell, when the charismatic leader began to abuse of his power. The children of the community, or rather of the cult, had to call him “daddy” and could only quickly see their real parents at night. It is rumored that women were sexually abused, some young people were electrocuted on their genitals, and among other bad practices that violated the parishioners. Jim was so smart and had such a natural talent for brainwashing that despite his abuse, he convinced people that everything he did was for the greater good, even performing ceremonies called “White Nights”, in which he asked his followers to take fake potions to kill themselves, as a test of faith.

When Leo Ryan, a congressman from California, heard of the possible abuses by the preacher, he traveled to Jonestown and invited the followers of the cult to return to the United States with him. When he saw that a few of them accepted, Jim lost his mind, and as they were leaving he began to shout: “You can’t leave, you are my people,” and in that the members of the cult began to shoot the congressman and his companions to death. His followers who betrayed him were forced to return to him.

After what had happened, it was more than obvious that his paradise was about to end, so the leader decided to make a “death” revolution, in one of the tapes found you can hear some of his last words to the people, they were “For the love of God, the time has come to end this”, “We have obtained everything we wanted from this world. We have had a good life and we have been loved. The lives of more than 900 people, at least 200 of whom were children, were vanished that day after the adults willingly poisoned themselves and their children with cyanide. Jim Jones died of a bullet to the head, at his own request.

Jim told his faithful followers that death was not the end, but the transition to another level, where they would eventually meet again.