The Story Behind The 2009 Horror Movie Jennifer’s Body


The true story of the film “Jennifer’s Body”

In the film, Jennifer (Megan Fox) is sacrificed by the members of a rock band, who believe that Jennifer is a pure woman, the main ingredient for her pact with the Devil. Everything gets complicated when the victim becomes a vampire, since Jennifer was not a virgin.

There is no specific case on which this film was based, but throughout history in different cultures and for various reasons it was popular to make human sacrifices. Although it seems that these practices have been extinguished, unfortunately they still exist, and the victims most likely to be sacrificed are virgins.

Today, satanic cults perform rituals that involve the sacrifice of virgins, since they are considered pure and innocent, and their uncontaminated energy (as the devil worshippers say) is the best offering for Satan.

The most common places where these sacrifices occur are dark altars or abandoned churches with inverted crosses.