The Tale Behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


The Butcher of Plainfield
The true story behind The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Edward Theodore Gein was a farmer who spent 41 years repressed by his mother’s religious fanaticism. It was not until she passed away that he was able to really live the life he wanted, a twisted life full of cruelty, perversity and madness. Although Edward is thought to have killed quite a few people, he could only be proven to have brutally murdered Mary Hogan, the woman he was in love with, and the terrible murder of Bernice Worden, whose body was found hung by her ankles, decapitated and cut open by her torso.


But another of Edward’s atrocious sins was the desecration of corpses, as he opened the graves of the recently dead women, stole their bodies and then removed their skins, and created furniture and clothing from them.

The police found human heads, lamps and seats made of human skin, plates made of skulls, a heart in a pot, an ashtray skull, a vest made of the woman’s private parts, leather pants, a torso with breasts and masks of human roses…

This deranged killer, who was called “The Butcher of Plainfield,” spent the rest of his days in a psychiatric institution.

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