The Story Behind The Amityville Horror Movie


The house in Amityville
The true story of “The Amityville Horror”

In 1975, the Lutz family thought they had found their dream home in a beautiful Dutch colonial building in Amityville, USA, but unfortunately for them they had come to the wrong place… the property was stained with blood and suffering, the energy was so dark and so negative that the house was like a magnet for demonic and unnatural spirits.

The terrible story that happened inside the house was a year before the Lutz’s arrived, specifically on November 13, 1974, when the bodies of six members of Ronald DeFeo’s family were discovered: his father, mother and four brothers were found face down and executed on their beds.

After a long trial, Ronald DeFeo was found guilty of the multiple homicide, and although he confessed that the rifle was fired from his hands, he also mentioned that it was not under his will, as a demonic being was guiding him.

Ronald was probably telling the truth, that that night something supernatural arrived at his home, since there was never a logical explanation for what happened that night. Well, it is strange that a person acting alone could have killed those six people without any signs of a struggle. Strangely, no one heard the rifle shots even without having a silencer, the bodies were not moved, and the toxicology reports found no drugs in their bodies.


Although only thirteen months had passed since that tragedy, George and Kathleen Lutz moved into the former DeFeo house, which from day one showed its true dark face.

While the Lutz’s were unpacking, a priest entered to bless the house. As the priest went up to the second floor and entered the room that had been inhabited by Marc and John DeFeo (Ronald’s dead brothers), a spirit cried loudly “Out”, and he rushed out of the house. Although he did not tell the couple what happened, he warned them that no one should sleep in that room.

From the first night in the house, the Lutz’s could feel supernatural presences, and as the days went by the family began to change their behavior. George began to be distant and spent his time stoking the fire in the fireplace, their daughter always played in her room with her new imaginary friend, a red-eyed piggy named Jodie, who could change her shape. The girl said no one could see Jodie, unless she wanted to.

During winter season, mysterious smells and black spots appeared in the house, hundreds of flies abounded in the sewing room, the forbidden room. George began to wake up every morning at 3:15 a.m., the time the DeFeos were killed. One of the nights George woke up and saw his wife’s face turn into that of a witch.

The family tried to take matters into their own hands, armed with a crucifix, they walked around the house reciting God’s prayer, when suddenly a chorus of sinister voices erupted, asking them, “Will you stop? That was the last night… and the worst. The Lutz’s grabbed some of their belongings and left the house in the middle of the night, while the invisible beings punched and pushed the furniture in the house.

Twenty days after the Lutz’s fled, a team of reporters, investigators and parapsychologists were gathered by the Warrens at the Amityville home. When the spirits were religiously provoked, they did not hesitate to manifest their anger by acting violently against those present. Lorraine was overwhelmed by the sensation of a demonic presence, and she could see the bodies of the DeFeo family on the floor covered in white sheets.

There is a chilling photograph that the research team captured of the spirit of the child John DeFeo, who is watching from the second floor of the house.

John DeFeo’s spooky ghost photograph