The Orphan Horror Movie Based On Real Events


The cannibals of Kurim
The true story of “The Orphan”

Evil has many appearances and manifests itself in different ways, and sometimes even in the figure of an innocent girl… as, in the case of Barbora Skrlová, a 33-year-old woman who suffered from a rare disease that made her look younger, even though she seemed quite harmless, she was hiding pure evil.

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In the past, Barbora had used her illness pose as a child and be adopted by a generous family. It worked for some time but after her violent behavior, Barbora was discovered and she had to leave. Having no other choice but to study at the university, she met the schizophrenic sisters Klara and Katerina Mauerova. Klara was a single mother of two, her husband had abandoned her because of her aggressive character, so she decided to raise her children with Katerina who was a woman with a very weak mind. Although not everything was perfect, life was going well for the family, until the sisters decided to invite Barbora to live with them. They did not imagine that they were opening the doors of their house to the devil…

Barbora was a very intelligent and manipulative woman, however sometimes she had episodes in which she really believed that she was a child, this is when the situation starts to get out of control because she begins to be jealous of Klara’s children, and little by little she began to manipulate the sisters at her whim, getting them to punish the children unfairly.

Real hell began when all three merciless women decided to lock the children in an iron cage in the basement; they left them without clothes, without food, not even a blanket to protect themselves from the cold. For months the children were subjected to inhuman and atrocious mistreatment: they were beaten, given electric shocks, burned with cigarettes, and only very occasionally bathed in buckets. It was impossible to imagine that the nightmare could get any worse, but the most brutal part of the story was yet to come.


Barbora’s twisted mind had no limits. Based on the story of Hansel and Gretel, she came up with a creepy idea, fattening up the poor children so she could eat from them… Time passed, and when the children were fuller, the greatest cruelty began, they cut off pieces of flesh from their legs. The cuts were so deep that the bone was almost exposed, and the worst is that the heartless women found a taste for human flesh continuing to cut off other parts of their bodies, not even giving them medicine to relieve the pain of the little ones.

One day Barbora decided to install a camera to watch the children, a camera that would end the tortured people’s torment. One of their neighbors had a monitor to watch his baby, and on one occasion the man intercepted the transmission and saw the horrible scenes of terror that were happening near his house. After this event, he contacted the police immediately.

When the authorities arrived at the women’s house, the sisters were the ones who opened it, they tried to prevent the police from entering the basement, but their effort was in vain. The police did not give up and when they went into the basement, they found Barbora lying on the floor begging for help, pretending to be a kid, and one more victim… the police then found the children locked up in the most deplorable state, with alarming health conditions.

The children were taken to the emergency room, where one of them unfortunately died. Barbora was taken to a children’s home, from which she escaped at night. The sisters were brought to trial, and for a time tried to cover up for Barbora, saying she was a child they had adopted, but then ended up telling the truth: that Barbora was a grown woman and had influenced them to commit those savage crimes. Klara and Katerina were sentenced to 12 years in prison.

A year passed and Barbora was found but now she was pretending to be a child genius and her name was Adam, a kind family had adopted her, and they had never noticed the true evil behind the child they loved. Barbora was sentenced to 5 years in prison but managed to get out in 2011, making it only 4 years.

In cases like this, reality causes more fear than a horror movie…