Harry Potter Fans Outraged By Trans Character’s Name In Hogwarts Legacy


Harry Potter enthusiasts are upset with the naming of the first trans character in Hogwarts Legacy.

Fans can roleplay as Hogwarts students in the 1800s with the video game spinoff.

Fans are anxious to enter the wizarding world once more, making it one of the most anticipated games in recent times.

Whilst many are complimenting the game’s plot and level of detail, some are criticising it for its newest character’s name.

Watch the trailer for the game below…

The creators of the game, Avalanche Software, claim that by including the first trans character in Harry Potter history, they were honouring the LGBTQIA+ community.

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The developer told IGN, “The team felt that it was very important to create a game that is representative of the rich and diverse world of Harry Potter as well as the groups of people who play games, which includes the LGBTQIA+ community,”

“We have a diverse cast of characters that players will encounter throughout the game.”

The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade is run by the persona, Sirona Ryan.

Her name, nevertheless, has not been well received by fans.

Due to the inclusion of the words “Sir” and “Ryan,” both of which have male overtones, the name has been criticised as being tone deaf.

“F***ing hell they called the ONLY trans witch in like, ALL of BRITAIN, SIRona RYAN” one commenter comments, criticising the name.

Another person adds, “They really put a trans woman in Hogwarts Legacy and named her Sirona Ryan. They literally put ‘sir’ in her f***ing name.”

While one fan says: “I’m trying to think about a lot of girl names, I don’t see any that begins with ‘sir’ or ‘guy’ or something like that. 

“The last name is a male name. Names aren’t chosen randomly: when you are in the spotlight for transphobia and it’s your ‘first trans character’, it looks bad.”

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J.K. Rowling has come under fire from Harry Potter fans in the past for giving non-white characters ‘racist’ names like Cho Chang and Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Referencing this, one person fumes: “It’s actually that deep because it’s not a first offence! Cho Chang and Kingsley Shacklebolt exist!”

Some, though, have justified the character’s presence and the name.

One person writes: “To the folks outraged about Sirona Ryan, you are f***ing stupid.

“The developers intentionally gave her a name with connotations of healing and rebirth, a reference to a Celtic goddess, and people choose to be bothered by it.”