The Story Of The Nuns Of Loudun That Inspired The Movie ‘The Devils’


The Nuns of Loudun: “Possesed by the Devil”
The real story of “The Devils”

Evil is very unpredictable, it does not recognize gender, race or religion. Many cases of demonic possessions recorded throughout history tell us that everyone can be a victim of possession, from skeptical nonbelievers to devoted religious people. In 1632, Loudun, France is the place where seventeen nuns devoted to God were possessed by diabolic entities.

It all started when the Father Grandier joined the parish of Loudun, this man had many enemies since due to his physical attractiveness and gallantry he had affairs with several local women, even the mother superior of the convent was attracted to him but all he obtained was being ignored by this religious group. Along with this and other complicated situations, the atmosphere inside the convent began to corrupt giving way to evil, which entered in the form of demons, possessing every nun in the Ursuline convent.


The nuns began to be disturbed by being victims of paranormal phenomena, they saw ghosts coming in through the walls and windows, they heard the sound of crawling chains, and they refused to take communion. As the days passed, the paranormal manifestations became stronger. The nuns had seizures, they held their breath until they were swollen, they reproduced chilling demonic voices, and rolled their eyes back as they ravaged and tempted with their bodies anyone present.

In one of the many exorcism sessions performed by various priests, the mother superior accused Father Grandier of having bewitched them by making a pact with the devil; because of this accusation, the father was burned at the stake, where he proclaimed himself innocent until the last minute of his life. It is said that before his death the father cast a curse on those who took him to the stake, since from that moment on, they all began to die or suffer inexplicable tragedies.

And although it seemed that with the death of the priest, peace would return to the convent, this did not happen until 1637, when after a series of exorcisms, the nuns were finally freed from the beings of hell.