The Full Story Of ‘The Haunting In Connecticut’


The true story of ” The Haunting in Connecticut”

It was 1986 and the torment of a New York family was about to begin. Philip the eldest son of the Snedeker family was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer, so the family decides to move to Connecticut where the right hospital was waiting for him. As if the disease was not enough trouble, the new house that was waiting for them would become the worst part of this story.

When he rented the house, he came with one condition, not to throw away any objects found in the basement since those were memories. Made up of shelves of saws and knives, a rotating metal stretcher and all the tools that a coroner needs to embalm bodies, since the basement was a funeral home from 1936 to 1980.


The basement where Philip and his brother’s room would be, was next to the old funeral home, only separated by sliding doors. Right from the beginning Philip would say that there was an evil presence in the house, he constantly heard a voice from a man in the basement saying: “Philip come here”. His mother Carmen thought it was a hallucination because of the medication, but he was not the only one who saw things, the younger sister saw spirits in the mirror as well.

One morning Philip and his brother saw three sinister men in the darkness, who were staring at them and whispering something terrible, then the entities began to laugh and one of them threw one of the toys against the wall, breaking it into a thousand pieces. On another occasion Philip came to see a child dressed as Superman, then they found out that the child had been embalmed in the house and then buried in his superhero costume.

One of the most terrible episodes was when, under the influence of a dark entity, Philip tried to sexually abuse a cousin who lived with them, so Philip was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 45 days.

Time passed, and unfortunately because of their financial situation, the family could not leave the house, even though the paranormal manifestations became stronger and stronger; things moved on their own, there were unexplainable noises and the beds vibrated; it was then that they had to turn to the Warrens for help.

When the paranormal investigators arrived at the house, Lorraine visited the basement alone, and had a vision of a large man who was handling and moving lifeless bodies, also practicing necrophilia (sexual relations with the dead) with them. Lorraine realized that they were not facing a tormented spirit, but a demon, so she and her husband Edward called the Priest Timothy Conlan, who performed an exorcism to put an end to this evil entity.

After all that torment, the Snedeker family found calm, Philip managed to beat the cancer and they moved out of the house.

The House of The Haunting in Connecticut