The Horror Story That Happened After Filming Rosemary’s Baby


The murder of Sharon Tate
The scary story that happened after the movie “Rosemary’s Baby”

Rosemary’s Baby is a twisted film directed by Roman Polanski, in which the protagonist gets pregnant after being abused by the Devil.

One year after the release, the actress Sharon Tate, who was Polanski’s wife, being 8 and a half months pregnant would suffer one of the worst tragedies Hollywood has ever witnessed.

One morning in August 1969, Sharon was celebrating a party with her friends, when suddenly the “Manson” family cult, following the orders of their Satanist leader “Charles Manson”
They broke into the house, turning the party into a satanic ritual. After a long struggle for survival by the victims, they all died in a bloody and atrocious manner.

The victims were the following:

Steve Parent (security guard): His hand was slashed, and he was shot four times in the chest. Then they went to get the others, and they were all forcibly gathered in the room, where everyone fought to escape.

Jay Sebring: He fought against the murderer Tex Watson to try to get the gun but ended up with a bullet in his torso. Jay passed out after Tex kicked his face fiercely again and again. His death came a little later after four stab wounds.

Wojciech Frykowski: When he was supposed to be killed, he was able to get away and hit the bloodthirsty Susan Atkins in the head, but the killer managed to stab him four times in the leg and twice in the back, then the killer Tex shot Wojciech, but he was still alive. On one occasion while Abigail, another of the victims, was being chased, the dying man managed to get out to the street where he fell limp on a lamppost. Tex caught up with him to kill him with another 51 stab wounds.


Abigail Folger: While the others were being subdued, Abigail managed to run to the entrance of the house begging for help but Tex caught up with her by jumping on her and cutting her throat. Between Tex and Patricia Krenwinkel (another of the killers) Abigail was stabbed 28 times, she did not die instantly as she still stood determined to live, but unfortunately when she reached the pool area she would fall dead on the floor.

Sharon Tate: She was the last one to die, she was tied up next to her friend Jay’s body, when she tried to run away, she was discovered. Susana and Patricia held her down, and while Sharon was begging to let her baby be born, the killers stabbed her 16 times until they killed the beautiful actress and the poor baby that was about to be born.

With Sharon Tate’s blood, Susana wrote the word “PIG” (pig) on the doorway.