The Story Behind The Exorcist Movies


Robbie Mannheim’s Exorcism
The true story of the film and series “The Exorcist

In 1949, Cottage City, Maryland was the site of the tragedy of a 14-year-old teenager named Robbie Mannheim. It all started when his spiritualist aunt taught the young man how to use the Ouija board. At first it was all a game for Robbie but weeks later the aunt died of supposed “natural causes” so Robbie started playing alone to communicate with his dead aunt. This was the main trigger for the coming ordeal.

It started with strange noises in the early morning, banging on the wall, objects moving by itself, scratches on the walls, the picture of Jesus Christ twisted without explanation; once in class Robbie’s classmates witnessed how Robbie’s desk slid down by itself until it hit some of his classmates.

Little by little this dark energy began to affect Robbie directly, he showed a sullener behavior and the paranormal phenomena began to have a physical impact on him, giving him scratches on his chest but apparently, from the inside.


A Catholic priest went to visit Robbie and it didn’t take long for the evil forces to manifest themselves. Robbie’s bed was shaking, his holy water bottle exploded and the fire from the candles was out of control, when an unrecognizable voice came from Robbie and said in Latin “O priest of Christ, you know I am a devil. Why do you bother me?”

Robbie was taken to a hospital to have Reverend Schulze perform an exorcism on him. Unfortunately, the Reverend was seriously injured, and the exorcism was canceled. Robbie’s family noticed a sign on his chest: “St. Louis”, the place where his spiritualist aunt died, where they would later take Robbie for help.

A Jesuit priest was the one who would perform this last exorcism in St. Louis, where the demon inside Robbie became very violent before religious images, cursing with a demonic voice in different languages, having a sexually offending behavior and spitting in their face but it was not enough for the priest to desist. After a long, complex and dangerous exorcism, a new voice came out from inside Robbie and said, “Satan! Satan! I am Michael, and I command Satan and the other evil spirits to leave this body, in the name of Dominus. Immediately! Now! Now! Now! Now!”

Robbie squirmed until he finally found some peace, looked at the priests and said, “He’s gone”