The True Story Of Kilometre 31


The true story of “Kilometer 31”

On the Mexico-Toluca highway there have been countless deaths and accidents due to its dangerous curves, fog, among other natural factors. However, there is a dark legend that says that the true and horrifying reason for the tragedies is that kilometer 31 is haunted by spirits that had the misfortune to be killed on that stretch of road.

It is said that the builders of the road were murdered at kilometer 31 in an atrocious way, so that their spirits were trapped in the sinister place, as well as there is also rumor about some monks who lived in the very close ex-convent of “The Desert of the Lions”, where surely some died and for some unknown reason, they have not been able to transcend.

The veracity of these ancient stories could be confirmed by the testimonies of people who have survived car accidents, as they say that men dressed in black as civilians and monks suddenly appear walking aimlessly on the road, distracting drivers in the dark night, causing the car to lose its way and crash.

And although these ghosts are terrifying, there is another spirit that lives at kilometer 31, but unlike the lost souls, this one is a very evil entity, it is a cursed child…


It has been said that this child died drowned and killed by his mother, so that his spirit was condemned to live between the world of the living and the dead. The spectrum has such anger for not being able to rest, nor forget, that he became evil. In a bad way he seeks other souls to join him, on the cold side of death.

The unfortunate witnesses who have met this evil spirit, tell that the child suddenly crosses the bend, and they can feel him being run over, as if he were a person of flesh and blood. Yet when they get out of their vehicle feeling nervous and afraid to see where the child’s body is, they can’t find him. People were able to hear footsteps running on the other side of the car, as if someone was playing hide and seek with them under the car. That’s when they can see that the child is a ghost, his face is pale like the one of the dead and his eyes are red like those of a demon.

The entity observes the victim deeply in the eyes, so that the person can never forget that disturbing look, until suddenly the child disappears. The drivers get into the car and continue their journey, but due to their anguish and terror of what they went through, they usually get into an accident shortly afterwards, the surviving witnesses assure that after that hellish night, the child accompanies them in their nightmares.

There are so many paranormal and gloomy stories that are told about this kilometer, that a film was made dedicated to this terrifying place. A film called “Kilometer 31”, where in one of its recordings you can hear the voice of a child who was not in the filming…