The History Of Slenderman


The real history of “SLENDERMAN”

Slenderman is a paranormal phenomenon that was created in an internet forum, and although cybernauts knew it was merely fiction, its frightening appearance and the disturbing stories attributed to it caused so much astonishment and terror that the legend of Slenderman spread all over the world. There is legend of a monster in a black suit, whose figure is of a very tall, thin man with extremely long arms and a disfigured white face.

Slenderman when he becomes obsessed with a victim, he stalks him for a long time, he watches him quietly no matter where and when, the affected person begins to be destroyed little by little, he begins to suffer depression, mental disorders, paranoia and nightmares, when fear darkens the light of the person, he disappears and is never found…


It is said that Slenderman lives in the woods and his main victims are children. This sinister being is invisible to the human eye but it is possible to see it through electronic devices such as photo or video cameras. It always appears in the background hidden among trees and fog, staring at its victim.

As mentioned, Slenderman is an invented character, but sometimes fiction surpasses reality, since in real life there have been tragic cases that have pointed to Slenderman as the intellectual author. As in the famous case of Wisconsin, United States, in which two girls stabbed one of their friends 19 times to please Slenderman.

The victim and the two criminals influenced by SLENDERMAN