The Story Behind The Blair Witch Project


The real story of “The Blair Witch”

The legend was born in a village called “Blair” in the year 1785 when some children were invited by an old woman to her house… where she took some blood from each of them. After this abuse, the children accused the old lady Elly Kedward with her parents, accusing her of being a witch and tied her to a wheelbarrow to take her deep into the forest leading her to a slow death.

It is not known if the witch died or returned from the dead to take revenge, but a year after she was abandoned in the forest, all the accusers and half of the children from the village disappeared, never to be found. Soon enough the remaining inhabitants fled out of fear of a curse.

In 1824, without knowing that misfortune was living in the lands of Blair, new inhabitants arrived establishing a new town called “Burkittsville”, which had the same damned destiny as the previous town. Soon the villagers witnessed paranormal demonstrations, it was said that a pale hand came out of a river, in the same river as Ellen Treacle, a ten-year-old girl disappeared.

Several decades later, in 1886, another girl disappeared, and although the girl appeared a few days later, the ones who went looking for her did not meet the same fate. The members of one of the search teams disappeared and, in a few days, they appeared disemboweled and placed in the shape of a pentagon.


Some years later in 1941, eight children mysteriously disappeared in the village, and months later the hermit Rustin Parr in his madness shouted in a market: “I’m done, I’m finally done”. The man confessed that he had gutted seven of the children and made a grave for each child in his cabin in the woods. Only the boy Kyle Brody who was forced to watch the merciless murders survived.

Unfortunately, Kyle could not get over those two horrible months of torture, so after his release he was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. The hermit blamed the Blair Witch, as he says she ordered him to commit such atrocious acts. Rustin Parr died on the gallows in the fall of 1941, under Kyle’s watch.

Today, villagers warn that people who go into the forest: to explore at their own risk.