Simulation Showing How A Baby’s Face Develops Is Giving People Nightmares


This simulation has everyone mind blown!

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The stuff of nightmares is a horrific simulation of how a baby’s face develops in the womb.

Whether you want children or not, you can’t deny that the entire pregnancy process is really amazing.

Even with that admiration, however, it can leave you a little scarred if you want to watch a baby’s face develop.

You have been warned:

“Down the centuries, biologists have wondered why every face has this particular feature,” he said.

“What we now know is it is the place where the puzzle that is the human face finally all comes together.”

The video then transitions to a simulation of a baby’s face over time.

As the nose begins to take shape, two holes that are initially located at the top of the head gradually descend.

However, it turns out that these are merely the nostrils and philtrum. For a brief period, it appears as though all the features are gathered into one little area in the middle of the head.

Observing how the vision transforms from an unrecognisable mass to a fully developed human face is quite an experience.

Mosley went on to explain: “We’ve taken data from scans of a developing embryo so we’re able to show you for the very first time how our faces don’t just grow, but fit together like a puzzle.

“The three main sections of the puzzle meet in the middle of your top lip, creating the groove that is your philtrum.

“This whole amazing process, the bits coming together to produce a recognisable human face, happens in the womb between two and three months.

“If it doesn’t happen then, it never will.”

The astounding video stunned viewers, and hundreds of individuals flocked to the comments area to express their opinions.

People on one side of the fence felt a little upset after witnessing the entire event.

“This is HORRIFYING,” wrote one, while another said, “Now that is a face that will haunt my dreams.”

A third added, “I’ve seen a lot of horrible things and been able to live with it. This I wish I hadn’t seen.”

But a majority of viewers were amazed by the process, with one writing: “This is extraordinary. I find it fascinating how the human body can do such things, all by itself!”

“That would explain cleft palate and harelips,” said another. “Like in my case the mouth formed but the top of the pallet didn’t form. This is actually really cool to see.”

A third, who described it as ‘very interesting’, added: “It’s pretty cool to see the change in a video like that instead of just in pictures.”

And then there were those who were straight up baffled, including the person behind the following comment: “I THOUGHT THE NOSTRILS WERE EYES AND THE EYES WERE EARS.”

The caps say it all, really.

New VR Simulation Lets You Experience Death

Every now and again, generally while taking a shower, brushing our teeth, or trying to fall asleep at two in the morning, strange thoughts will enter our heads.

It can be difficult to recall the name of a hazy historical figure or whether lemonade is genuinely prepared with lemons. At other times, our minds choose the most inappropriate periods to attempt to answer the grand questions about the universe and life.

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Of course, what happens once it’s over, the moment of death, and what it would feel like are some of the fundamental questions we wrestle with throughout our lives.

Although it might be somewhat unsettling, especially if you’re trying to get your mind to calm down so you can sleep, the question is one we never stop looking for an answer to.

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Others have had near-death experiences, and many of them have tried to explain what happened. Some people have even been revived after medically dying.

Others think they catch a glimpse of an afterlife, while some claim to have an out-of-body experience in which they may see themselves in what may be their final moments.

A new VR simulation in Melbourne, Australia, aims to give users an experience akin to this by letting them imagine what it could be like to pass away.

It is a component of Shaun Gladwell’s exhibit Passing Electrical Storms, which is on display as part of the National Gallery of Victoria’s Melbourne Now event.

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An “extended reality” (XR) experience made by Gladwell is described as “at once meditative and unsettling.”

From cardiac arrest to brain death, the simulation “guides participants through a simulated de-escalation of life,” which sounds rather scary

And one TikToker, known as croom12, who’s been to the experience themselves explained that people are ‘laid down, the bed vibrates, you flatline’ before doctors surround you and simulate failing to revive you.

He then said ‘you float up past them into space’ and as part of the VR experience, ‘you can see yourself in the goggles’ for the out-of-body experience.

People going through the experience are hooked up to a heart rate monitor and can quit at any time by raising their hand if it gets to be too much.

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Plenty said the exhibit ‘sounds intriguing’ and suggested it was something they’d like to give a go, but others were worried that experiencing what it was like to die sounded ‘really bad for your psyche’.

Other weird experiences like it include a VR experience of the ‘suicide machine’ which would let people experience a virtual recreation of how the machine would kill them.

At least it’s just an experience and not like that VR headset of made by the person who adapted an Oculus Rift so it’d kill you if you died in your game.

Terrifying Simulator Shows What It’s Like To Drown

A video providing a harrowing simulation of a drowning experience offers viewers a grim glimpse into the terrifying reality of such a situation. Aptly dubbed the ‘drowning simulator,’ this chilling YouTube video plunges its audience into a nightmarish scenario that may make one think twice about venturing into deep waters.

Warning: Graphic Content

Viewer discretion is advised as the graphic content unfolds. The video commences with a man who falls into the water, forcibly ejected from his boat by an unexpected rogue sail. The turbulent high winds and the boat’s imposing boom propel him into the unforgiving depths of the sea, leaving him isolated and filled with dread amidst the vast blue expanse.

The simulated victim, faced with the grim reality of his predicament, cries out for help, desperate for a miraculous encounter with a passerby in the vast open ocean. He frantically calls for his friend ‘Charles,’ who has also been separated from the boat. The panic intensifies as hope wanes, leaving him alone in the unforgiving sea.

Credit: YouTube / Henry Pyyhtiä

While he manages to keep his head above water with some effort, his strength slowly dwindles, and he begins to sink beneath the surface. His breathing becomes increasingly labored, and a sense of impending doom looms.

Desperation sets in as he realizes that his friend is lost, and he cries out in despair, understanding that rescue is unlikely. This is the point where the simulator takes a distressing turn, depicting the man’s movements slowing as his lungs fill with water.

The video concludes by revealing that, once submerged, the man succumbs after four minutes and 20 seconds. The simulator issues a poignant reminder that the human body tires far more quickly than one might imagine, underscoring the importance of wearing a lifejacket while at sea.

As expected, the video elicited strong reactions from YouTube viewers. One commented, “My biggest fear in that situation would still be that a shark is near.” Another pondered, “Imagine playing this game in VR, though.” A third noted the eerie accuracy of the representation, saying, “The fact that someone took the time to represent a real drowning so accurately is concerning yet amazing at the same time.”

Credit: YouTube / Henry Pyyhtiä

A poignant fourth comment revealed a personal connection to the video: “My dad passed away from getting drowned deep in the ocean. I’ve been watching this video every now and then to experience and to know what it was like for him amidst drowning. In the span of time we were patiently waiting during the search and rescue operation, I couldn’t stop thinking how lonely it must’ve been for him – how terrifying it must’ve been.”

Featured Image Credit: @hegeakajesus/YouTube