Britain’s cheating hotspots REVEALED – see full list!


Hold onto your teacups, folks! Exeter, the unsuspecting city of quaint charm, has once again stolen the crown as the UK’s reigning champion of infidelity! Move over Salford and Manchester, because Exeter is the place where the game of love takes a scandalous turn.

Why are these Devonians so eager to stray from the straight and narrow? Is it the allure of forbidden romance, the boredom of matrimonial monotony, or simply a quest for excitement in the land of tea and scones? Whatever the reason, data from the world’s leading married dating site, Ashley Madison, proves that beneath Exeter’s sleepy facade lies a seething cauldron of desire and clandestine rendezvous.

The picturesque city of Lincoln emerges as a surprise contender for the fourth spot, leaving the bustling streets of Nottingham in its wake. Meanwhile, Worcester, renowned for its savory Worcestershire Sauce and majestic cathedral, secures a scandalous ninth place, leaving Birmingham, the supposed powerhouse of the Midlands, in utter disbelief for not even making the list!

London, the grand metropolis of sophistication, finds itself languishing in a pitiful sixteenth place, while the folks of Luton proudly flaunt their eleventh-place victory. Could it be that airport layovers are the new aphrodisiac for adventurous souls seeking to spice up their love lives?

So, buckle up, dear readers, as we embark on a journey through the steamy underbelly of Britain’s most unsuspecting cities, where the pursuit of passion knows no bounds and the thrill of the forbidden reigns supreme! Exeter, we salute your scandalous supremacy!

According to Ashley Madison, Britain’s leading “married dating” site here are the top cities in the UK where people are seeking affairs.

Christoph Kraemer, Managing Director Europe for Ashley Madison, said: “Already one out of ten Brits admit to preferring a non-monogamous relationship and the number is growing every day.”

Top 20 UK Cities for Affairs

1. Exeter
2 Manchester
3 Salford
4 Lincoln
5 Bournemouth
6 Southampton
7 Nottingham
8 Norwich
9 Worcester
10 Cambridge
11 Luton
12 Chelmsford
13 Coventry
14 Leeds
15 Newcastle Upon Tyne
16 London
17 Plymouth
18 Basingstoke
19 Northampton
20 Glasgow