Expert Explains Why You Should Never Store Milk In The Fridge Door


It turns out that we have all been storing milk incorrectly.

In a recent video, the kind folks who run the Cost of Living Crisis Tips TikTok page made the point that you may truly save money by altering the way you store milk in the refrigerator.

The people who run the social media page claim that keeping milk on the refrigerator door shelves actually costs you more money.

Watch the video below:

“Don’t put your milk on the fridge door like this,” said Cost of Living Crisis Tips while showing a milk cartoon tucked up against a fridge door.

They added: “When you open the fridge door, it pulls away from the cool air – affecting the freshness,” before advising people to ‘put milk at the back of the fridge to make it last longer’ and adding that the move will ‘save you money’.

The advice didn’t have everyone convinced though, with one person writing beneath the video: “But the door is open for like 2 seconds, maybe 10 depending on what you go in for but usually it’s shut straight away.”

Cost of Living Crisis Tips replied: “Yes and how many times do you open it a day? It adds up.”

Other comments included: “Lol all my life I’ve been placing it inside the door, NEVER had a problem,” “It does actually work. I put ours behind the sprouts and the kids can’t find it so it lasts a lot longer” and “Correct. Always done it this way.”

It was revealed last month that millions of Brits will get a cost of living payment of up to £300 in addition to the £650 package for low income households as the cost of living crisis continues.

Pensioner households who already get the Winter Fuel Payment, which ranges from £100 to £300, will also receive an additional payment of between £150 and £300, with payments beginning this month.

When he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced the additional financial aid.

In a statement, the government stated: “You will get an additional £300 for your household paid with your regular payment starting in November 2022 if you are eligible for a Winter Fuel Payment for the winter of 2022 to 2023.

“All Cost of Living Payments from benefits or tax credits are in addition to this.

“Your circumstances will determine the full amount of Winter Fuel Payment you receive for the winter of 2022 to 2023.”