This Converted School Bus Will Blow Your Mind


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Most people don’t dream of living on a bus, and we can’t blame them – the idea doesn’t exactly scream “dream home”. But that’s because most people haven’t seen this bus…

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American couple Robbie and Priscilla love to travel, so they decided to take their hobby to the next level by bringing a miniature (or not so miniature) home along with them. They boldly opted to renovate a 1998 school bus, rather than something smaller like a van, in order to accommodate their pets labrador and cat. 

The bus is a cosy home for pets and humans alike. Photo: going_boundless

The bus has been fitted with everything you need to live comfortably, including a proper front door. Careful touches like this take it from looking like a drab, derelict mode of transport, to a cosy top-of-the-range motorhome.

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The School Bus even has a front door. Photo: going_boundless

Certain features they fitted cannot even be found in a typical motorhome, including a wood-burning stove, quartz countertops, a brick wall, and a glass shower door. This makes for a luxury mobile home that is also safer than an RV in case of a road accident.

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The bathroom is indistinguishable from an ordinary one. Photo: going_boundless

The couple took a year and a half to renovate their new home, giving themselves 210 square feet of living space, complete with ceiling A/C and heaters for varying weather conditions.

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The sleek design of the bus makes it feel more spacious than many apartments, having a cosy, farmhouse design. Robbie and Priscilla did not compromise on their utilities, fitting a full-sized fridge and oven in the kitchen of the bus.

The bus is fully kitted out. Photo: going_boundless

The couple have found innovative ways to save space, such as a slide-out pantry and a raised-platform bed.

A unique bedroom setup. Photo: going_boundless
The pull-out pantry saves a lot of space. Photo: going_boundless

The bus also boasts solar panels and Trojan batteries, making it possible to take it off-grid and disappear wherever you please.

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The travel possibilities are endless with a portable home like this one. Photo: going_boundless

Unfortunately, the family’s dog Baxi passed away right before the end of the bus build, never making it on the journey, but they decided to continue with their plan in her honour.

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In 2019, Robbie and Priscilla took the bus for a proper spin, embarking on a 10 month trip around the US.

The home has an inconspicuous exterior to other drivers. Photo: going_boundless

Since Covid, travel has been significantly more difficult, so Robbie and Priscilla adapted their plan by heading home to renovate a van too. They continued the theme of their iconic bus project, creating what turned out to be a scaled-down version of their original build.

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Robbie and Priscila are now ready to embark on their next adventure in their new van, leaving the bus at home. In fact, they are planning to sell their converted school bus, so keep your eyes peeled if you fancy an adventure of your own!