Bookshop Nails Window Display For Prince Harry’s Memoir Spare


A cunning bookseller owner placed Bella Mackie’s book How to Kill Your Family next to Prince Harry’s brand-new biography Spare.

The exhibit was put up by Bert’s Books in Swindon, Wiltshire, to commemorate the publication day of Harry’s book in the UK.

35-year-old manager Alex Call remarked: ‘To be honest it was a light-hearted joke with the first customers of the day and to be fair Bella Mackie’s book was already in our window.

‘It was the best-selling book in our shop and we thought it would make everyone laugh and it has.

‘Most people have taken it in the spirit it was intended but some people think we are being a bit mean about it.’

Alex added: ‘We have sold a couple but it is quiet in the shop – it always is on a Tuesday morning.

‘I’m not expecting a rush but a couple of copies have been sold.’

Cindy tweeted: ‘Based on this window display, I want to support your shop. Do you ship to Canada? This is just brilliant….’

While Steve Antony tweeted: ‘This is my local indie, and I now feel like I need to pop by just to get my picture taken by this superb display. (I’ll swing by soon).’

But not everyone saw the funny side to it, with Carol Pike tweeting: ‘No thanks. Can you recommend something more likely to grip my attention please?’