People Are Only Just Realising That Not Everyone Can Visualise Images In Their Head


Could you visualise swimming in the ocean if someone asked you to? Could you genuinely picture yourself doing it? What about a dog playing in the garden?

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The majority of people will be able to create highly precise mental images, but there is a small fraction of people who are completely blank. And this woman’s head was truly blown by it:

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This is caused by a condition known as aphantasia, which is essentially a form of blindness and the inability to visualise pictures of objects, places, and people.

They can articulate what they are thinking, but there are no accompanying mental images.

The inability to visualise is called aphantasia, according to Alternatively known as thinking without images.

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“People with aphantasia don’t create any pictures of familiar objects, people, or places in their mind’s eye. Not for thoughts, memories, or images of the future.

“We lack this quasi-perceptual ‘picture-it’ system completely.”

Because it is so uncommon, experts estimate that only 1% to 5% of people have it.

Thus, a large number of people have never heard of it.

Courtney Hubbard, a 23-year-old fitness teacher, stated in a video posted on TikTok that her partner had just told her about the phenomenon and that she was having trouble understanding it.

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She said: “He’s told me that he’s one of them people who can’t visualise it in their own head, as in he can’t imagine himself on a beach, he can’t visualise an apple on the floor in front of him if he shuts his eyes.

“Can somebody confirm this, because it’s blown my mind and I don’t believe him.”

It turns out that there were a lot of other individuals in the same situation.

Numerous people expressed their surprise at the bizarre phenomenon in the comments section.

“Wait I thought that everyone had a voice in their head and could also visualize things,” said one.

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Another chimed in: “It must be so peaceful in some peoples heads hahaha.”

“I can’t believe people cannot visualise. It’s actually mind blowing,” put a third.

While another added: “I’m so confused because now I’m trying to work out if what I see is normal or not normal.”

They weren’t the only ones, though; even individuals who had the condition claimed they were unaware that it wasn’t normal.