Bizarre Optical Illusion Has People Seriously Confused As To Whether They See A Beach Or A Car


People are really perplexed as to whether they are seeing a beach or a car due to an odd optical illusion.

It really looks like a beach at first, but after a few seconds, you can’t help but notice a car.

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Check it out for yourself:


Can anyone see what it REALLY is? 🤯#sugercrash #trick #fyp

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Many have been perplexed for years by the rediscovered image, which appears to be the bottom of a car door one moment and a moody beach the next.

It appears that if you look at the image closely enough, you might start to doubt reality.

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One just didn’t have a clue what was going on, writing: “I can see both and my mind is confused.”

Another person’s mind was elsewhere, asking: “Who else thought it was the moon?”

A third person must have been looking at something else, saying: “Am I the only one that saw two snakes?”

Your answer is yes, my friend.

People from all across the internet struggled to understand what they were looking at when the image was posted to Twitter and a Reddit thread.

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One person wrote: “Holy s**t I could only see the beach and didn’t know what I was supposed to be looking at,” while another added: “There’s even a ship in the distance, what the f**k?”

Thankfully TikToker @HecticNick has cleared things up once and for all, we think.

As shown in the clip above, the TikToker reveals that it is actually the bottom of a rusty car.