Woman Shares Genius Hack To Remove Stains From Sofas In Seconds


We’re off to test out the amazing cleaning tip that a TikToker recently shared.

We’re not kidding when we say that our new go-to trick involves a moist cloth and a pot lid.

So there is a reasonable way to clean your sofa that creates little to no mess, as TikToker @ajvaughan discovered.

To clean a sofa, all you have to do is soak a cloth in water with a dishwasher tablet, wrap the cloth over the lid, and then wring it out.

It took what seemed like no time at all and came up clean as a whistle.

Seriously, that was the fastest sofa wash we’ve ever witnessed, and TikTok users were equally enthralled.

You need a dishwasher tablet for the hack to work. Credit: @ajvaughan/TikTok

One said: “wow gonna try that tomorrow,” while someone else said the material makes it tough to clean: “It’s the material I swear, toddler spills something, you clean it and still have those water stains.”

One person disagreed, saying that it was preferable than removing the sofa covers and washing: “I think it’s working better with tabs for washing machine [sic], purpose of it is to clean fabric I do floors with them also smell amazing.”

Another person, however, advised investing in the right shampoo for the job instead:  “Just get a wet/dry vac and upholstery shampoo. Don’t use dishwasher tabs on fabrics.”

And that’s not the only useful cleaning tip we’ve recently adored; it turns out that a gorgeous house plant can also improve your home’s mould problem.

And a saucepan lid. Credit: @ajvaughan/TikTok

It’s safe to say that we are hooked with house plants because they instantly add charm and cosiness to any space and, in all honesty, are less expensive than redecorating.

Therefore, we were very eager to jump on board when we learned that there is a plant that may actually help drive mould away from your property.

And it turns out that peace lilies, which you can get for less than £7, are actually fairly effective in warding off household mould.

According to specialists from Gardening Express:

“Mould in the home is caused by excess humidity. Warm rooms, like bathrooms, are at particular risk.

“Using plants to help keep mould at bay is a practical and natural way to control humidity and moisture in your home. How good a plant is at reducing humidity is all to do with its ability to absorb dew, fog, and other moisture through its leaves. This moisture then moves down to its roots.

“The peace lily loves the shade and thrives in high humidity so it is the perfect choice for areas prone to mould.”

Who knew that peace lilies and dishwasher tablets could be used to keep everything clean?