Aussie OnlyFans star ‘doesn’t understand’ why men don’t date ‘people like her’


OnlyFans star Billie Beever has spoken out on TikTok saying she ‘doesn’t understand’ why men don’t date ‘people like her’ in response to viewer’s comment.

The adult entertainer, who has over 160,000 followers on TikTok, replied to a comment reading: ‘your a ride off sorry hun you chose to do that men would never wife you but they will take you out and sleep with you, that’s it’.

Beever hit back, saying she ‘doesn’t understand’ why they would say that, while she gets ‘why they don’t wanna date someone like me’.

Through the video she maintained that being in the industry does not mean she is any less than, despite acknowledging that a man’s friends may not want to see “that”.
The OF star said she has probably ‘had sex with with the same or less amount of people that you have,’ the only difference is she films it.


Replying to @DEBT COLLECTOR i dunno how to even explain it. Let bigons be bigons and stop being so hateful towards SW. Thanks xxx #dailymail

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“It doesn’t mean I’m more of a wh**e, more of a sl*t, more of a this or more of a that or I’m looser, or have STDs,” she said.

Beever explained that she has probably been tested more times than the average person, as the vast majority of adult entertainers get tested whenever they film content or “collab” with another performer.

A fair point she made was that people who’ve slept with hundreds of people get a free pass, but because she shares her content online she is branded as ‘disgusting’ even though she has slept with ‘way less’.