Town Punishes Its Politicians By Putting Them In A Cage In A River


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There’s a city in Italy where they dunk individuals in the river as punishment every year, but it’s simply a fast dip meant for some lighthearted fun rather than an effort to off someone.

There are many places in the world that have unique traditions and customs, but it would be difficult to locate one where the most obnoxious residents are caged and dumped into a river.

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The city of Trento hosts the “Tonca,” a charming aquatic celebration, a part of its annual Vigilian celebrations in the second half of June.

One of the primary events is the Court of Penitence, when well-known Trentonians who have embarrassed themselves during the course of the year are tried. The ceremonies are supposed to honour Saint Vigilio, the patron saint of the city.

Some will be declared innocent and spared a dip in the river, but those who are guilty will have to be condemned to the Tonca as their penalty.

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The person who has messed up the most in the city is likely going to be a politician, thus it stands to reason that a politician will frequently be among those having a dip in the sea.

On the final Sunday before June 26, when the festivities come to a conclusion, the Tonca is customarily held.

On June 19 of last year, it happened, and six people were found guilty, saving five others from plunging into the River Adige.

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A historical penalty for blasphemy that was applied for much of the last millennium was being mocked by dunking victims into rivers in cages.

Instead of waiting until the locals are certain they are dead and want their cage back, it is now customary to winch those deemed guilty back out of the sea during the celebration while they are still alive.

If you’re having trouble coming up with vacation spots this summer, you could always try Trento and take a look at the Tonca. Just be careful not to make any major mistakes there because you could end up being put in a cage and lowered into the river.

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As the Tonca recently become popular, many individuals have suggested that other parts of the world adopt it.

You could probably come up with a few infamous residents in your community to include on your Tonca list.