Prophet Nostradamus Made Five Chilling Predictions For 2023


During the 16th century, the French astrologer, healer, and prophet made a series of startlingly precise prophecies.

Some allege that he foresaw 9/11, JFK’s assassination, and the emergence of Adolf Hitler.

And he has given five unsettling forecasts for the coming year.

The first thing he foresees is a major war, which could be a reference to the present confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

He stated: “Seven months, great war, people dead through evil.”

Nostradamus’s next prophesy, that Mars will die in 2023, is certain to enrage Elon Musk.

The 51-year-old founder of SpaceX is certain that people will soon set foot on Mars.

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Nostradamus, however, cryptically penned: “The light of Mars will go out.” 

He foresees a catastrophic economic collapse that will drive people to cannibalism. Yikes.

“So high will the bushel of wheat rise that man will be eating his fellow man,” he wrote.

Food shortages and rising prices have affected people all across the world as a result of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine.

Nostradamus predicts a ‘Great War’ for 2023. Credit: Alamy

Unfortunately, Nostradamus shared the view that things would become worse before they got better, as do many financial experts.

Climate change worries are also escalating as CO2 levels and global temperatures rise.

The worst is still to come, according to Nostradamus, who also predicted this for the year 2023.

He wrote: “For forty years the rainbow will not be seen.

“For forty years it will be seen every day.

“The dry earth will grow more parched, and there will be great floods when it is seen.”

Although his forecast sounds doomsdayish, the idea of a “dry planet” becoming more “parched” does allude to the effects of global warming.

Civil turmoil is his sixth and final prediction for 2023.

Again, given the UK’s recent worker strikes and the previously noted cost-of-living crisis, this is by no means implausible.

Nostradamus wrote: “The trumpet shakes with great discord.

“An agreement broken: lifting the face to heaven: the bloody mouth will swim with blood; the face anointed with milk and honey lies on the ground.”

Despite his warning that civil unrest will be violent, he accurately foresees people’s rage at the state of affairs.

That being said, according to Nostradamus, 2023 won’t be any better than 2022.

Let’s hope he is wrong.