Woman who slept with 300 men last year shares her 2024 target


Meet Australia’s reigning queen of between the sheets, Annie Knight, dubbed ‘Australia’s most sexually active woman.’ In 2023, she made Cupid blush by charming over 300 gentlemen, and now, in 2024, she’s setting her sights even higher, aiming to bed 365 dates throughout the year.

Annie, the 26-year-old sensation with a staggering 90,700 admirers on Instagram (@anniekknight), isn’t one to keep her love life under wraps. She’s already kicked off 2024 with a bang, cozying up with 70 lucky men.

“[I’ve never had] much of a dating life,” admits Annie, whose bank account boasts a cool $2 million AUD (£1 million). I used to go on about three dates a year before last, so that’s why I want to do this. I’ve never been much of a dater, so I wanted to give myself an incentive and am holding myself accountable by posting the reviews of the dates online.

“I’m aiming for 365 [men] in 365 days, and so far, I am well ahead of schedule! I think I will achieve 365 by the middle of the year at this rate.”

When it comes to her ideal match, Annie isn’t shy about her career. As one of the top 0.4% of creators on OnlyFans, she knows her worth.

Unfortunately, her previous employer didn’t share the same enthusiasm. They bid her farewell via email after just five days on the job, citing her saucy online content as grounds for dismissal.

When it comes to relationships she said: “They know well before we go on the date what I do for work, as I have it in my dating profile, so I have nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of. Obviously, they will follow me on Instagram first, too, so they can have a scroll and get to see who I am and what I do.”

With her sights set on homeownership and her heart open to adventure, she’s living proof that being sexually liberated is nothing to blush about.