Woman Slammed For ‘Inappropriately Touching’ Disney Actor In Viral Clip


In a viral video, a woman has come under fire for ‘inappropriately caressing’ a Disney star.

The theme park visitor can be seen approaching the man, who is costumed as Gaston from Beauty and the Beast, in the TikTok video, which was posted again on Reddit. She appears eager to take his picture.

However, when she tried to touch his chest and he lunged away, things rapidly turned “awkward”.

He then told her she should ‘go’. At this point, the woman appeared to be unsure as to whether he was being serious, so she continued to lean in closer.

It’s believed that the actor then told her to ‘get out’ and informed her that ‘there’s children’ in the area.

After being shared by TikToker Evan Snead, the clip has accumulated thousands of views and people have been taking to the comments to have their say.

“Imagine if a guy tried that on a Disney princess, they’d be jailed,” one said.

In agreement, a second fumed: “How about we don’t touch ANYONE without permission.”

“The fact she is laughing and thinks it is funny…,” a third stated.

The Tiktoker who shared the post added: “This just boils my blood.”

Some, however, claimed that the actor “overreacted” to the circumstance.

“I feel like he overreacted,” one spectator said. You can teach someone about good behaviour without making them feel uncomfortable.

He shouldn’t have screamed so loudly, another person said, because it’s a family-friendly area. The character screamed like that, too.