Boy Claims He Died In 9/11 And Has Eerily Perfect Memory Of Attacks


A youngster who claims to have perished on 9/11 and who has an uncannily accurate memory of the attacks has come forward.

In the US, the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, known as 9/11, took the lives of 2,996 unarmed civilians.

The terrorist organisation al-Qaeda carried out four well-planned strikes on this day.

It witnessed hijacked commercial aircraft strike the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers in New York, causing both to finally collapse.

Aerial assaults were also launched against the Pentagon, the US military’s command centre, and a federal building in Washington, DC; the latter attempt finally failed.

The story of Cade, 7, and how he claims to be reborn was revealed in a documentary series titled The Ghost Inside My Child: A Boy Remembers His Past Life years after the attacks.

Watch Cade’s story below

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The 2004-born boy claims that he can recall dying by falling to the ground on September 11th.

In one episode, he is being driven through a city while gazing out the window at the buildings.

He spoke at this scene: “That big shiny one looks just like the Twin Towers. It brings back a lot of memories. But I’m not going in it, OK?

“This feels creepy. I just don’t like the look of it. I would not like to go in that tall building, no.”

Molly, Cade’s mother, continued by saying that Cade has always been “frantic” around towering structures and that, unexpectedly, he once claimed to have perished in the World Trade Center while working there.

She alleged: “It finally did get to the point where I couldn’t deny it anymore. 

“He just flat out said that he was in a building that was hit by something. It exploded. 

“That he had fallen. And then the pieces suddenly came together, like a puzzle. 

“The planes, the tall building… this person was at the World Trade Center.”

During the documentary, Cade went on to claim: “The plane hit the World Trade Center, then it got stuck in the building.

“When I was falling, I was still alive. And then all the rubble hit me. I didn’t feel anything because I died.”

Credit: LMN via YouTube

Around the age of three, according to Molly, her son began to experience severe nightmares about falling.

She recalled: “Cade was very good as a baby. He slept a lot. Calm, quiet. 

“Right around the time he was three, he would wake up screaming about falling, being able to see the Statue of Liberty from his office and about his leg being broken off.

“I would be in bed and Cade would just start crying in the middle of the night. He would wake up screaming about working in a tall building.”

She claimed he then began to draw buildings with a man falling off.

“In my head at the time, I did begin to think he was describing 9/11,” she said.

According to Molly, Cade’s apparent “obsession” with death and insistence that individuals “don’t die” worried her.

Additionally, she stated that he had insisted that ‘Cade’ was not his name and that he had “picked” her to be his mother.

After learning about her son’s purported memories of September 11, Molly claimed she decided to launch her own “research.”

She said: “It was actually another mother who sent me the link, and she said that there was a man who worked at the World Trade Center, and he died on 9/11. 

“His life mimics what Cade describes his life and his death as. I’ve done the investigation, I made the connection and now I know. I know the truth. I know who he was. I know how he died. 

“But as a mother, I’m feeling very helpless. I can’t make this memory go away [for Cade].”

In order to prevent further pain for the victim’s family, Molly chose to keep Cade’s ‘past life’ name a secret.