Conjoined Twin Describes Her Dating Experience And Her Sister’s Opinion Of Their Relationship 


During a discussion about their dating lives, a conjoined twin revealed how she met her lover and what her sister thought of it.

The chest wall and pelvis of Carmen and Lupita Andrade, both 22 years old, are fused together.

They only have two legs between them, one of which controls the right and the other the left, despite having two arms each.

They have a similar digestive and reproductive systems in addition to having the same ribs, liver, and circulatory system.

When the sisters were born, it was expected that they would survive for just three days. However, they have continued to defy the odds and have managed to thrive.

Recently, the twins, who are from New Milford, Connecticut in the US, appeared on a YouTube channel called Jubilee, where they took part in a challenge called ‘Ask Me Anything’.

Carmen and Lupita opened up about their extraordinary lives and answered the burning questions many wanted to know.

This eventually led to their dating lives, and how exactly that works. While Lupita said that she identifies as ‘asexual and aromantic’, Carmen admitted that she’s been in a relationship for a year and a half. The 22-year-old said the couple met on the dating app Hinge and that telling him she was a conjoined twin was “very weird.”

“I was definitely going to be upfront about everything,” Carmen said. “Everyone learned something from it. Of course, we had to talk about what boundaries are appropriate and what aren’t. She went on to say that because of her circumstances, she and her partner are not physically intimate. He is okay with the fact that we aren’t intimate in that way, Carmen said.

At this point in the discussion, the topic of marriage came up and Carmen insisted that it’s ‘not really at the front of my mind’, due to only being 22.

She added: “Whoever I’m currently dating, or in the future might be dating, I’d prefer to be life partners than actual marriage.”

Elsewhere in the chat, the conjoined twins slammed those who ‘fetishise’ their condition and how it fulfils ‘a lot people’s idea of having s** with two people at once’.

The sisters stressed how inappropriate this was.

After watching the interview, many people have taken to the comments and shared their support for the twins.