Blockbuster Drops Huge Hint It Could Be Returning


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Do you believe Blockbuster is no more? Think again.

The most popular childhood favourite is making some very strong indications that it might be making a comeback to the high street, and fans can’t wait.

From the early 1980s onward, the high street chain was a must for all movie enthusiasts, with the wistful yellow and blue stores promising a pleasant evening at home watching your favourite film.

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While the now-defunct VHS shop’s tagline may have been “be kind, rewind,” time has not been kind to it. It closed in 2013, crushing the hearts of movie fans everywhere.

The film store has teased its return, though, just like a Hollywood action hero.

The beloved US retailer opened for business in 1987 and immediately became one of the most well-known names in the country, making over $1 billion (£812 million) in late fees alone.

All movie enthusiasts had to visit the one-stop shop where they could purchase sweets, rent video games, and rent VHS’s and DVDs in addition to other media.

Yet as with your favourite movie, things came to an end when streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video, and BBC iPlayer were introduced.

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The company filed for bankruptcy back in 2010, and all UK stores soon followed.

But, one location still caters to movie enthusiasts in the small American city of Bend, Oregon, and the retro blue and yellow store has turned into a popular tourist destination.

But after posting a cryptic message, the movie rental shop may be returning, leading fans to speculate about the iconic store.

In reference to the company’s well-known tagline, a strange notice reading “be kind while we rewind” appears on the mobile edition of the website.

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It’s unclear whether the shop would rent out actual DVDs or provide a streaming service like Netflix since owners Dish Network haven’t made a formal announcement.

Some, though, have hypothesised that this might be a marketing blitz for a future Netflix series centered around the last branch.

While many things remain unclear, fans have been delighted by the news and taken to Twitter to share their excitement.

One wrote: “Whaaaaat is happening?! ls this the return of @blockbuster?! Oh how we’ve missed you!”

Others quickly followed, adding that they were frustrated by the lack of information about the nostalgic store.

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They wrote: “Something is going on with the @blockbuster website… Do we get a little piece of our high school lives back? Is it just a tease? What’s the plan? Does anyone know?”

However, not everyone was so thrilled, with many former fans hesitant about a possible on-demand service replacing the physical shop.

One user even tweeted: “Is Blockbuster coming back? I hope so, but it could just be some kind of streaming service. I would rather see the return of brick-and-mortar stores!”