Netflix Viewers Left ‘Disturbed’ By Harrowing True Crime Documentary


Unsettling true crime documentary on Netflix has “disturbed” viewers.

With critically acclaimed and commercially successful original programmes like Wednesday, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and Stranger Things, the streaming behemoth has had a very good year.

Several popular true crime documentaries, such as The Girl in the Picture and Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes, have also been released by the company.

As 2022 draws to a conclusion, viewers have discovered another documentary that has had an impact.

Watch the trailer of the disturbing true crime documentary below…

A documentary movie from 2012 called The Imposter has lately been given fresh life on Netflix.

It recounts the terrifying true account of Nicholas Barclay, a 13-year-old kid who vanished in Texas in 1994 while playing football.

Despite the fact that a body was never located, the police assumed that the small boy had either been murdered or abducted.

However, Barclay’s family learned that he had been “discovered” in Spain in 1997. But things were not quite what they looked.

The boy that came at their house had brown eyes, coloured hair, and a French accent, whereas Barclay had blonde hair and blue eyes.

He was welcomed home by his family, who were just relieved to have recovered their missing son, despite these obvious and significant changes.

Later on, it was discovered that the boy in question was actually 23-year-old con artist Frédéric Bourdin, who had previously committed crimes identical to those committed in France and Spain, and not Barclay.

The Barclay family recalls their version of events in The Imposter, and Bourdin also relates his own experience.

One person shared: “Netflix adding The Imposter today, it’s genuinely one of the greatest and most jaw-dropping docs I’ve ever seen. Well worth a watch.”

Another viewer added: “I watched this and was completely disturbed. This movie gave me chills.”

“Just watched The Imposter on Netflix… madness,” commented a third.

Someone else said: “Just watched The Imposter on Netflix and honestly, wtf was that.”

A fifth user added: “Watching The Imposter on Netflix, stranger than fiction is an understatement.”

The Imposter is now available to stream on Netflix.