Jenna Ortega Set To Join The Cast Of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2


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Alright, buckle up folks because we’ve got some spooky, ooky news about everyone’s favourite filmmaker, Tim Burton! With the massive success of his new Netflix series, Wednesday, it seems like the rest of the world has finally remembered just how much they love the king of the macabre. And you know what that means, right? That’s right, it’s time to talk about the long-rumored sequel to the beloved classic, Beetlejuice!

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Now, we don’t know a whole lot about Beetlejuice 2 just yet, but we do know that Jenna Ortega, the breakout star of Wednesday, has officially signed on to join the cast. That’s right, according to The Hollywood Reporter the one and only Wednesday Addams herself is going to be grooving back through the dry ice to bring some creepy vibes to the sequel. And let’s be real, if there’s one thing Tim Burton knows how to do, it’s deliver on those creepy vibes.

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Of course, we can’t forget about the one and only Michael Keaton, who will be returning to reprise his role as everyone’s favorite ghost with the most. And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, just wait until you hear this – Jenna Ortega will likely be playing the daughter of Lydia, Winona Ryder’s iconic teen goth from the original movie. And while there’s no official word yet on whether Ryder herself will be returning for the sequel, we can only hope that she’ll be back to deliver some more of that moody, broody Lydia goodness.

Now, if you’re not already a die-hard fan of Tim Burton’s work, let me just remind you of one of his greatest qualities – his absolute commitment to teen goth representation. Seriously, the man is a master of the genre, and if you don’t believe me, just take a look at his filmography. So you can bet your black lipstick that he’s going to make sure that Lydia’s daughter is the spookiest, coolest, most emo teenager around.

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And let’s not forget about Jenna Ortega herself, who has been a fan of Beetlejuice for years. In fact, she recently admitted that she used to have consistent dreams about the character when she was younger. So you know she’s going to bring that same level of dedication and passion to the role of Lydia’s daughter.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But wait, hasn’t there been talk of a Beetlejuice sequel for years? Is this really happening?” And to that, I say, yes, it’s really happening, people! Sure, the sequel has been in the works for absolutely ages, but with Jenna Ortega on board and Tim Burton at the helm, this is going to be one spooky, ooky ride that we won’t want to miss.

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So start practicing your best Harry Belafonte dance moves and get ready to revisit the twisted, dark world of Beetlejuice. Because with the return of Michael Keaton and the addition of Jenna Ortega to the cast, this is going to be one sequel that’s worth the wait.