Amber Heard’s Twitter Account Instantly Deactivated Following Elon Musk’s Takeover


After Elon Musk took over, Amber Heard’s Twitter account was apparently cancelled.

After first beginning the process back in the spring, Musk, whose estimated net worth according to Forbes is over $200 billion, ultimately finished the acquisition of the social networking site in late October.

According to FOX Business, the world’s richest man has already announced a number of significant changes for Twitter, including the removal of its board of directors and key executives. He has also hired Tesla experts to evaluate Twitter’s coding and rework its verification procedure.

Credit: David Branson / Alamy

The father of eight has frequently argued in favour of free expression and declared on numerous occasions that he would work to have Twitter move in that direction.

Heard’s Twitter account is no longer active, according to Newsweek.

YouTuber Matthew Lewis, also known as That Umbrella Guy, tweeted the following on Wednesday:  “Amber Heard has deleted her Twitter.”

It is unknown if, when, or why Heard deactivated her account or the circumstances surrounding it.

NBC News reports that the actress from Aquaman appears to be one of several famous people who have quit the platform in the last week, including with Toni Braxton, Shonda Rhimes, and retired professional wrestler Mick Foley.

Heard, 36, and Musk previously dated from 2016 to 2018, following her acrimonious split from fellow actor Johnny Depp. Given this, some Twitter users began to make assumptions about Heard’s possible motivations for deleting her account.

Former TMZ staffer Morgan Tremaine, a pivotal witness in Depp’s notorious defamation trial against Heard, wrote: “Hmm looks like someone didn’t want their ex-boyfriend to have access to their account and DMs.”

However, a different commenter noted that Musk would probably still have access to Heard’s account, writing: “What she doesn’t realize is that deleted accounts can stay on the server. Usually not a problem for someone to wipe their history. Platforms don’t allow access to their back ups. Unless you OWN that platform, then you can read those DM’s to see if a person had been lying to you.”

As a result of Musk’s takeover, it appears that Twitter users will experience big changes, and more and more users are choosing to abandon the service. Whether they would benefit netizens or not will only become clear with time.

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