New WhatsApp Mode Lets You Edit Messages After You’ve Sent Them


It can be a bit of a hassle to delete and resend a WhatsApp message if you’ve ever sent one and quickly regretted it.

The only choice is to completely rewrite the message or copy it back into the message box to make changes. This requires that you erase for everyone and then resubmit.

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Yet it appears that the social media giant will soon offer a remedy to this all-too-common issue.

According to WABetainfo, In the near future, WhatsApp will offer an editing option that will allow you to easily correct any embarrassing typos or completely alter your message.

The new feature, like the delete for everyone option, will apparently only be accessible for a limited period of time.

Specifically, for up to 15 minutes following the sending of a message.

We originally learned about the edit button last summer when WhatsApp stated that it was “under development,” but now we are finally hearing some rumblings that it might become a reality soon.

One of these suggestions was a screenshot that was leaked; it may or may not depict the appearance of the edit button.

It was found by WABetaInfo, who set out to learn more about the upcoming feature before it was made public.

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That implies that, similar to how they presently delete and forward messages, WhatsApp users will need to press down on a message in order for the edit option to show.

The other user will be told that the message they are reading has been edited if they decide to change its content.

It is important to keep in mind that this is only a leaked draught of the feature’s potential appearance and that the final version may look entirely different.

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However, WhatsApp, which has been operational since January 2009, may decide to completely remove the ability for users to alter their messages.