Super Nintendo World Set To Open At Universal Studios


The opening for Universal Studios Hollywood’s much-anticipated expansion has been confirmed today on Mario day a.k.a MAR10!

Universal Studios Holiday has now announced the opening of its own Super Nintendo World expansion in 2023. When will it be in 2023? So far, the corporation has been tight-lipped. However, the park’s willingness to commit to a year is the first sign that progress is nearing completion!

The area, which will be located in the Lower Lot sector of the Los Angeles theme park, will be next to attractions such as Jurassic Park/World and Transformers, which are both multibillion-dollar franchises. Nintendo’s market capitalization is estimated to be around $60 billion.

In 2016, the immersive Super Nintendo World was revealed, and construction began in 2018. It will centre on the major characters and features that have enthralled generations of Nintendo game lovers for the past four decades. In 1983, the Mario Bros. arcade game was released.

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood, like its Japanese counterpart, will “transport theme park tourists and Nintendo enthusiasts into the world of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach to become part of their captivating universe.”

Photo: Kyodo

The Universal studios theme park may not be giving too much away at this stage, apart from confirming the Super Nintendo World itself WILL open. But, the Japan park is up and running and gives you a good insight on what’s instore!

Super Nintendo World is the world’s first Nintendo-themed land, located in Osaka, Japan’s Universal Studios. This brand-new theme park, which first opened its doors in March 2021, is a Nintendo fan’s dream come true!

If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping into a green warp pipe from a Super Mario Bros game or getting behind the wheel of a Mario Kart, your day has FINALLY arrived!

Super Nintendo World is extremely popular, and getting a free timed-entry ticket or a paid Express Pass is required to visit. You’ll have guaranteed entrance into the park and shorter lines at the attractions with an Express Pass! In addition to a timed-entry ticket for Super Nintendo World, you’ll need a day ticket (or annual pass) to enter into Universal Studios Japan.

Photo: Kyodo/via REUTERS

Defeat your opponents in a race to the finish line! Cutting-edge technology has been used to bring iconic Mario Kart courses to life. Defeat your foes with shells! With Mario and Peach, aim for the finish line! You’ll get a burst of excitement from the world’s first interactive Mario Kart theme park attraction!


Hold on to Yoshi as you go on a treasure expedition to find Captain Toad! Find three mystery eggs using the Captain’s map! Mount Beanpole provides a wonderful perspective of the Mushroom Kingdom while providing a pleasant trip for the entire family. This is one of Nintendo World most popular rides with the Iconic Character, Yoshi.


Nintendo and Universal launched their creative relationship in May 2015, with plans to build a unique Nintendo-themed area at Universal Studios Japan and both American facilities the following year. In June 2017, work on the Universal Studios Japan region began. Following multiple delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the land finally opened on March 18, 2021 at Universal Studios Japan.

Since it’s opening it has received fantastic reviews, that confirms it is in fact, just as good as it looks!

We cannot wait for the Universal Hollywood version of the Nintendo park to open and we will be sure to keep you update of the exact date. Watch this space, it won’t be long…

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