Michael Jackson Songs ‘Pulled From Streaming’


According to rumours about “fabricated vocals,” three Michael Jackson songs have purportedly been “removed from streaming.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, the songs “Breaking News,” “Keep Your Head Up,” and “Monster” have been “removed” off the late star’s posthumous 2010 compilation album, “Michael,” according to confirmation from Sony Music and Jackson’s estate.

“The Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music chose to remove the recordings ‘Breaking News,’ ‘Monster,’ and ‘Keep Your Head Up’ as the easiest and best approach to move beyond the discourse associated with these tracks once and for all,” according to a joint statement from both sides.

“The exciting new and ongoing projects honouring Michael Jackson’s legacy remain the centre of attention… It is just time to go past the distraction around the recordings, so nothing should be interpreted into this action about the veracity of the tracks.

Michael Jackson waves to photographers during a 1996 press conference in Paris. The first posthumous album by the King of Pop, who died in 2009, has been trailed by controversy since its 2010 release

It is thought that the debate over the three tracks started back in 2014. According to reports, a fan sued Sony Music and Michael Jackson’s estate on the grounds that the tracks “don’t feature his vocals.”

Both sides are thought to have denied this accusation, and the appellate court justices decided in the parties’ favour.

It was apparently ruled that neither Sony Music nor Michael Jackson’s estate could prove that Jackson actually sung the songs.

It’s believed that estate lawyer Howard Weitzman used a number of sources to establish if the tracks unquestionably feature Jackson’s vocals during the litigation.

According to Variety, he said: “We have total confidence that the vocals on the new album are Michael’s own based on the findings of our exhaustive research as well as the recollections of individuals who were in the studio with Michael.”