Dad Creates Hack That Allows His Toddler To Bypass Disney Height Restrictions


After releasing videos of what he thought to be a fantastic Disneyhack,” a TikTok user found himself at the heart of a massive social media scandal. In actuality, his hack was for his younger son, who may have been in grave danger, and it is quite risky.

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User @the.kelly.fam on TikTok frequently shares family-friendly stuff. Since starting their account, the family has gathered over 35.4 million likes and 1.2 million app followers. It goes without saying that @the.kelly.fam has a sizable fan base of individuals who adore and admire their parenting abilities and watch their videos for uplifting material. This expectation is a huge reason why fans were disgusted to see the new video they posted.

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In the video, Kannon Kelly’s father describes how his kid is an adrenaline junkie who “can’t get enough of Disney Park rides.” Kannon regrettably cannot ride the bigger roller coasters because he is too small. Prior to their Disney vacation, the family devised a “hack” to allow their youngster to ride the attraction. The parents created extra-tall platform shoes for Kannon using some flip-flops and superglue to increase his height and meet the ride height criteria.

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Following the uploading of the video, fans started pointing out how dangerous it was for them to do this. Children’s safety in the parks is protected by height regulations, and disregarding them is risking your kids’ health. The Disney rider height standards employ a child’s height as a measure of their body’s overall size. This means that your youngster could still fall from a ride even if they were wearing platform shoes. The Kelly family faced criticism as well after publishing a video on their Youtube page demonstrating the effectiveness of their hack. Their young rider used the height-boosting sneakers to sneak onto two attractions in the video.