Canadas Annual Hair Freezing Contest Is Providing Us With Some Much Needed Laughs


We’ll take the laughs wherever we can find them in these uncertain times.
That’s why this hilarious series of photographs of tourists freezing their hair into gravity-defying designs couldn’t have arrived at a better moment.

The images in this article are the winners of the Takhini Hot Pools’ Hair Freezing Contest, an annual competition held in Canada’s Yukon territory.

Best Male, Best Female, Best Group, Nongshim’s People’s Choice, and Tim Horton’s Most Creative are the five categories in which contestants are judged. (The victors’ names were not revealed.)
Each category’s winner receives CAD$2,000 in addition to free hot springs passes.

The contest has been running since 2011, and it has steadily grown in popularity as the bizarre photographs have become more widely shared. According to management, this year’s event garnered 288 entries, which is more than double the number received in 2011.

Do you think you can come up with a look that will appeal to the general public? To be eligible for entry, you must visit Takhini Hot Pools between December and March on a day when the temperature is below -20°C (-4°F), which is not uncommon in those locations.

To get the right appearance, you’ll need to take a few steps. To begin, soak your head in the hot springs and thoroughly wet your hair. (They swear that freezing your hair won’t harm it.)

Then, allow the cold air to slowly freeze your hair.
Staff advise visitors to keep their ears warm by periodically dipping them into the hot water. And you’re going to have to be patient — all that wet hair will eventually freeze — eyebrows and eyelashes included.Finally, once you’re happy with your style, ring the bell near the pool entrance and staff will come take the photo.

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