Bizarre UK ‘House in the Clouds’ Turns 100 Years Old


The new-look water tower, which had been specially created to be in keeping with the village’s rustic aesthetic, was revealed in Thorpeness, Suffolk, 100 years ago.

It’s a good thing this “House in the Clouds” looks so wonderful because anyone who has seen Hot Fuzz knows what happens to places that stand out in a village that wants to maintain a specific look.

Now that the structure has reached its 100th birthday, it still looks great.

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The water tower was constructed in 1923 to take water from a neighbouring windmill, but residents were determined to maintain the village’s distinct mock-Tudor appearance.

Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie opted for “a fantasy water tower in a fantasy village” rather than an unsightly water tower poking out over the community.

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The spectacular structure, which had beds for lodging, was formerly known as “The Gazebo” until being renamed “The House in the Clouds” by children’s author Malcolm Mason.

50,000 gallons of water could have been stored in the tower when it was first opened 100 years ago, but that amount was reduced to 30,000 gallons after the House in the Clouds was hit by anti-aircraft fire during World War II.

When the village was given access to a mains water supply in 1977, the water tower ultimately became obsolete. Two years later, the water tank at the top was removed so that the entire structure could be turned into housing.

The House in the Clouds has been a Grade II listed structure since 1995, which will safeguard it from losing its unique character—and a cottage 70 feet in the air is definitely unique.

The Home in the Clouds is genuinely open for reservations throughout the holidays, and there is enough space for several friends to join you for the experience.

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The home features five bedrooms in total, plus a sofa bed if you need more room to sleep, and three bathrooms, which should prevent morning conflicts over who gets to brush their teeth first.

An observation platform allows you to enjoy the view while standing (not quite) among the clouds. There is also a games room, drawing room, dining room, and kitchen.

Yet, it appears to be a rather well-liked location based on the amount of days they have already reserved over the upcoming few months.

The saying “book early to prevent disappointment” probably comes to mind in this situation.