Dangerous Roads to Explore At Your Own Peril


Walk on the wild side, and take a trip on some of these roads. Do so at your own risk though – they’re labelled dangerous for a reason…

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

This route through the Cordillera Oriental Mountains is nicknamed Death Road; we’ll leave you to guess why. It is estimated that between 200 and 300 people die every year on this cycle track, which is only 3 metres wide. Despite being a clearly labelled death trap, North Yungas Road is a popular tourist attraction, with 25,000 people visiting every year.

North Yungas Road. Photo: AHLN via CC

Atlantic Road, Norway

From the outside, this road looks fairly tame, and definitely a hands-on way to experience Norwegian coastal scenery. Do not be fooled though, it can be treacherous in the wrong conditions. After its fair share of twists and turns, this road takes a sharp 300-metre incline, making it a target for powerful waves crashing down during unpredictable storms. If you want to travel on Atlantic Road, make sure you time your journey carefully.

Atlantic Road. Photo: Mick Truyts on Unsplash

Million Dollar Highway, Colorado

Much like the name suggests, this road was expensive to build. But with a price that high, it must have adequate safety features, right? Hmmm. The good news is that it offers beautiful views of mountains and valleys, making it one of the most scenic drives in the USA. The bad news is that if you want to see these views, you’ll have to travel as a passenger, because drivers need to keep their eyes firmly on the road. With no safety barriers stopping you driving over the edge, you’ll want to stay focused on the path ahead.

Million Dollar Highway. Photo: squeaks2569 via CC

BAM Road, Russia

An off-road track through Siberia, BAM Road is one of the most adventurous trails left from ancient times. Spanning across unsturdy bridges, potholes and bogs, this track is usually only braved by adventurous motorcyclists and 4×4 drivers. We can see why.

BAM Road. Photo: Dangerous Roads

Tianmen Mountain Road, China

This road is one of the strangest we could find, meaning you’ll definitely need to be a skillful driver to navigate it successfully. Tianmen Mountain Road was meticulously planned out, having exactly 99 turns to symbolise the 9 steps to heaven. Being completed in 2006, it’s probably slightly sturdier than some of the other roads mentioned in this list, but its tight turns still make it a challenge.

Tianmen Mountain Road. Photo: landrovermena via CC

Fairy Meadows Road, Pakistan

Since being carved by locals hundreds of years ago, Fairy Meadows Road has not been renovated since. Suffice to say, it is unpaved, does not have rails, and is not maintained in any way, shape or form. Being roughly the width of a car, there is no room for messing around on this unforgiving 10 mile stretch of road, so travelling on it is not advised unless necessary. It is 3,300 metres high after all.

Fairy Meadows Road. Photo: EatSleepRide

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