72 Year Old Woman Turned Off Patient’s Ventilator Because She Didn’t Like The Noise


German woman, 72, who allegedly twice turned off a patient’s ventilator because she didn’t like the noise has been detained.

The woman was staying at a hospital in Mannheim, southwest Germany, and sharing a room with a 79-year-old patient who was dependent on a mechanical oxygen supply through a ventilator, which aids those who are unable to breathe on their own, according to a statement from a German public prosecutor’s office.

It is unknown what ailment the 79-year-old patient had that necessitated the use of a ventilator.

According to police, the 72-year-old turned off her roommate’s oxygen machine just before 8:00 PM on Tuesday because she was irritated by the noise it was making (November 29). She claims that hospital workers told her that her roommate needed the oxygen and that it was a crucial step. However, the mother again shut off the breathing machine at about 9:00 that same evening.

The 79-year-old patient needed emergency resuscitation after that. The Guardian reports that although her condition has subsequently stabilised, she is still receiving medical care.

The suspect allegedly turned off her roommate’s ventilator because the noise was bothering her. Credit: Sergey Ryzhov / Alamy

According to Allina Health, some patients will die shortly after life support is removed, while others may continue breathing on their own for several hours or even days. When mucus and saliva build up in the patient’s throat as they lose consciousness, they may feel what is frequently referred to as a death rattle. When the patient is unable to swallow or clear their throat, a rattling sound may be heard.

The woman, 72, was brought to a correctional facility while awaiting trial after being detained on suspicion of attempted manslaughter on Wednesday (November 30). She had previously appeared before the district court. The woman could serve a significant amount of time in jail if she is proven guilty.

Despite authorities believing the woman’s reason for turning off her roommate’s device was merely because the loudness was too bothersome, investigations are still underway.

Featured image credit: Islandstock / Alamy