People Left Disgusted At Sheer Size Of Death Row Killer’s Last Meal


For the 1989 brutal murders of Robert Sturmfels, 56, and Georgette Sturmfels, 55, Louis Bernard Gaskin, then age 56, was found guilty.

He used a.22 caliber rifle to shoot the couple in their Flager County vacation house where they were visiting from New Jersey.

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In addition, Gaskin was found guilty of armed robbery, burglary, and the attempted murders of Mary and Joseph Rector.

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According to reports, Gaskin stole a clock, two lamps, and a videocassette recorder from their home; all of these items were eventually discovered at his house.

He earned the nickname “Black Ninja” because he always wore all-black ninja clothing when committing his crimes.

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Local media at the time said that Gaskin quickly confessed to the crimes and that, before to his trial, he had admitted to knowing what he was doing to a psychologist.

According to AP News, he said: “The guilt was always there.

“The devil had more of a hold than God did. I knew that I was wrong. I wasn’t insane.”

After spending 33 years on death row, Gaskin was executed on April 12 at 6:15 pm after receiving the lethal injection.

According to Department of Prisons spokesperson Kayla McLaughlin Smith, he consumed his last meal at 9:45 am, and it was undoubtedly a substantial one.

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Gaskin’s meal was revealed to have featured BBQ pork ribs, pork and turkey neck, Buffalo wings, shrimp fried rice, french fries, and water during a press conference.

Many people have expressed their anger on social media platforms about the quality of food that some people on death row get.

One person says: “I can never understand how prisoners awaiting execution could even want to eat a last meal. Let alone a feast.”

Another user adds: “Man eats better on death row than I do with no felonies.”

Someone else pens: “I can never understand how prisoners awaiting execution could even want to eat a last meal.”

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“They should’ve fed this scum a bowl of plain oatmeal and a bag of rice cakes,” slams another.

While Gaskin enjoyed a feast, one death row inmate suffered an ‘excruciating’ death after making a ‘mistake’ with his last meal.

After he kidnapped, r***ed and killed schoolgirl Jennifer Long in 1998 along with murdering Mary Bales with a clear hammer, Wesley Ira Purkey, 68, was sentenced to death.

He received a lethal injection of the drug pentobarbital, which causes the victim to feel as though they are drowning, and was executed in 2020.

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Purkey, who is thought to have had dementia, reportedly requested pecan pie for his final meal.

He requested to have it “later,” not realising that there would be no “later,” so he never got to eat it.