‘Zombie’ Angelina Jolie Lookalike Shows Off Real Face After Release From Prison


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Fatemah Khishvand, better known online as Sahar Tabar, gained internet fame in 2017 after posting a number of images to Instagram.

She appeared in the pictures as a “zombified” version of the actress who played Maleficent.

Tabar’s Instagram pictures gained her recognition, but they also backfired

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The Iranian Human Rights News Agency reports that the 21-year-old was imprisoned in October 2019 for obscenity and insulting the hijab.

She allegedly uploaded a picture of herself without the hijab.

In Iran, women are required to wear the hijab as of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

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According to the regulations, women must wear loose-fitting attire and a headscarf when they are out in public.

Tabar received a 10-year prison term.

According to activist Masih Alinejad, Tabar was however freed after serving a 14-month sentence.

Since then, the social media sensation has made an appearance with her real face on the state-owned channel Rokna.

She says on the programme: “My mother was telling me to stop, but I didn’t listen.

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“Sometimes the words of a stranger or a friend can be more important than those of a parent.”

Tabar adds that her posts – which she described as a ‘vulgarity’ – helped her to become famous.

Several people were previously misled into thinking Tahar’s Instagram appearance was the product of botched plastic surgery.

However, she stresses that this is not the case – instead she used makeup and edited her snaps with Photoshop.

She explains: “What you saw on Instagram was the computer effects I used to create the image.

“Cyberspace was an easy way. It was much easier than becoming an actor.”

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Tahar has apparently admitted to getting lip fillers and a nose operation, among other cosmetic treatments.

The influencer acknowledged that in 2017 she had altered pictures of herself.

She admitted doing it as a form of “self-amusement” to the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

“Now I can see that I have something in common with [Angelina Jolie], but I amuse myself, and to look like someone is not my goal,” she explained to the outlet.

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“Over time I post a photo, I make my face more fun and funny, it is a form of self-expression, a kind of art.

She added that fans are aware this isn’t her ‘real face’.

According to reports, Tahar deleted her Instagram account in 2019.

Iran has banned several major social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter.